For the entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers on this year's A-List, leadership is not a title, it's a mindset. They possess unbridled optimism, an unrivaled love for New Orleans, and the keen ability to reinvent and reimagine a stronger and better city. The renowned musician Trombone Shorty graces our cover and symbolizes everything we are fighting for — our music, our spirit, our heritage, and our people. Each person on our A-List, through their creativity, compassion, and sheer tenacity, is building pathways to the future and igniting hope. Their unique personalities and diverse range of life experiences allow us to see our multifaceted city from many perspectives. Armed with innovative ideas and ways to channel our energy for the greatest good, the A-List is just what we need now as we navigate uncharted waters. As Trombone Shorty said so well, "When this is all over, I think we'll have a new appreciation for our strength and we will celebrate." Cheers to the 2020 A-List.