Penny D. Francis

Neighborhood: Uptown

Principal Designer & Owner

Eclectic Home


Describe what you love about what you do.

I find that creating beautiful spaces that reflect my clients and how they live to be an amazing opportunity. I continue to love every moment of the process and execution of design. I feel it's an honor to help create memories for families for a lifetime.

What about New Orleans inspires you?

It's so hard to name one thing. There is a reason so many are born and raised here and never leave, or they return. It becomes part of your DNA.

Describe what you see as our future.

What I would like to see is a city where there is equity in education, business opportunities, housing, and where all families feel safe raising their children. I see our future as continued growth in the arts and tourism.

Describe the greatest influence on your life.

The greatest influence I had in my life has been my parents. They instilled an incredible work ethic, independence, and support that anything is possible if you are willing to do the work.


Favorite restaurant: Doris Metropolitan

Favorite bar: Bar Marilou

Favorite simple indulgence: Cheetos and Lemonheads

Best book you've read in the past year: The Chiffon Trenches by André Leon Talley

Favorite album of all time: Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder

Name a necessary extravagance: International travel

Favorite musical concert ever: Prince

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This article appeared in the A-List 2021 Issue of Adore Magazine.