Josh Mayer

Neighborhood: Faubourg St. John

Creative Principal



Describe what you love about what you do.

I love that moment when the people you are working with come up with an original and simple way to solve a complex problem. The excitement of that kind of creativity is electric.

Why in New Orleans?

I've lived in big cities all over the world — London, LA, NY, Bangkok — and there is nowhere else where people are such lovers of pleasure. Food pleasure, music pleasure, late night pleasures, spontaneous costume pleasure, and the list goes on. But to me, what makes New Orleans unique in the world, is that we all love to share those pleasures with each other.

Something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood.

The humidity. It's a reassuring presence. It feels like home.

Describe what you see as our future.

New Orleans need not be afraid of progress and change. Because no matter what, we will always evolve in our own unique way. Always have.


Favorite restaurant: Whoever has the saltiest oysters at the moment. I love raw oysters

Favorite museum: The National WWII Museum always touches me in a personal way. The new Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience is amazing. Both of my grandfathers' lives are depicted there. It's a place to go with family

Favorite walk: Down Esplanade to City Park. The pace of it is slow and shaded by oak trees. What's not to like?

Favorite simple indulgence: Wine. I like to drink it, talk about it, and learn about it. It never bores me

Currently watching: Peaky Blinders and Rick and Morty

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This article appeared in the A-List 2021 Issue of Adore Magazine.