Henry Heaton

Neighborhood: Lakeview

Sr. Program Manager, Innovative Solutions | Co-Founder of Shuck Cancer

American Cancer Society


Describe what you love about what you do.

As a childhood cancer survivor, it's rewarding to work for an organization that hits so close to home. It's fulfilling to help others navigate the unchartered and daunting territory that is a cancer diagnosis. Whether I'm educating others about our patient services or groundbreaking research, being a resource to those in need is near and dear to my heart.

Something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood.

The joie de vivre. Just as it was referenced in the infamous Chris Rose quote after Hurricane Katrina, "We dance even if there's no radio."

Describe your charitable work or favorite causes.

I'm a little biased. My favorite cause is Shuck Cancer, the event that John Michael Rowland of Superior Seafood and I created. Not only is it a party with a purpose that engages our young professional community, it's also an event that truly equalizes cancer outcomes in our area.


Favorite simple indulgence: An order of french fries & a dirty Gibson martini (vodka) from the Columns

Favorite meal and where to get it: Alligator Cheesecake from Jacques-Imo's

A book you are reading now: The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline

Favorite album of all time: Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette

A song that defines your coming of age: Son of Man by Phil Collins

Favorite movie of all time: 1998 Remake of The Parent Trap

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This article appeared in the A-List 2021 Issue of Adore Magazine.