Name: Tom Cianfichi

Neighborhood: Uptown

Profession: Owner, Hazelnut New Orleans


Tom Cianfichi

What about New Orleans inspires you? The fact that you feel like you live in a beautiful old-world city but the vibe is fresh and new—like anything can and will happen.

Something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood: A second line, because they are such an overt celebration and they seem to pop up spontaneously, inviting all to enjoy the fun. They just don’t discriminate.

How has the pandemic impacted you on a personal level? I’ve come to realize that, even with all the uncertainty, if every day you just say to yourself "I’ve got this, I can do it," then you can, just one day at a time.

How do you see your industry evolving in response to the pandemic? People are focusing on their homes and sprucing up their current confines. Before the pandemic, the future was in web sales and social media, but now that customers can come back, we are making sure their in-store experience is exciting. Shopping is now more than ever a form of entertainment.

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self? Go for it, pedal to the metal!


Tom Cianfichi

Favorite restaurant: Commander’s Palace

What book are you reading now? Normal People by Sally Rooney

Favorite album of all time: Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits, Vol 1

Favorite hotel: The Hotel Vilon in Rome

Song that can always put you in a great mood: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

TV show you binge watched during the stay at home order: Will and Grace, both incarnations, every episode in chronological order

How did you stay active? Does Solitaire on the iPad count?

Interviews have been edited and condensed.

This article appeared in the September 2020 Issue of Adore Magazine.