Name: Leslie Dalton Rodger

Neighborhood: Garden District

Profession: Bird Taxidermist, Leslie Dalton Taxidermy


Leslie Dalton

Describe what you love about what you do: There is a beauty to the logic of avian anatomy that provides a scientific grounding to the art of taxidermy. For me, what is artistically ideal is constrained by the underlying morphology of birds. The process doesn’t begin with a blank canvas.

Something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood: When strangers on the street wave to me or ask how I’m doing. When strangers help me bring a band saw or fully mounted grizzly bear up a flight of stairs. People are nice here!

What coping mechanisms have you employed during the pandemic to keep your vision and goals alive? I exercise my body in the form of running, Pilates, and yoga, and my mind in the form of consuming good literature and listening to academic lectures online.


Leslie Dalton

Favorite restaurant: Mosquito Supper Club

Favorite bar: Verret’s Lounge

Favorite art gallery: Arthur Roger gallery

Favorite clothing store: Saint Claude Social Club and Century Girl Vintage

Favorite place to listen to music: Maple Leaf Bar

Favorite album of all time: Roy Orbison, The Ultimate Collection

Name a necessary extravagance: A Christmas tree wig from FiFi Mahony’s

Interviews have been edited and condensed.

This article appeared in the September 2020 Issue of Adore Magazine.