Adore's new series will follow the typical morning routine of a New Orleans mover and shaker.

Elizabeth Lyons, a country music artist, is one of New Orleans newest and brightest residents. Originally from the Midwest, Lyons moved to Nashville at 18 to intern at a music publishing company. By the time she graduated from Vanderbilt, she released her first EP which became an Album All-Time Bestseller. She met her husband at school and together they enjoyed life in Nashville, followed by time in New York. They married last fall in Martha's Vineyard, then settled back in his hometown of New Orleans.

Her resume is impressive: she has booked her own shows opening for stars like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Sam Hunt, and has played at music festivals around the country. Lyons has also performed the National Anthem at several stadiums and venues, including Smoothie King Center for the New Orleans Pelicans. When she isn't on the big stage, you can find her singing in schools and at charity events around the nation, writing music, and practicing on the guitar and piano. Lyons told Adore that some of her new music was written in New Orleans and will be released soon.

Acting as a one-woman show is no easy feat. To see how she does it and more, read her morning routine below!


Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Lyons

7 a.m. Rise and shine. Depending on my schedule, what time I wake up varies. Some mornings are later than others. The music career consists of late nights. Whether it’s an evening show or my creative juices start flowing at midnight, I don’t always go to bed at a reasonable hour. Luckily I’m a night owl at heart. But I always make sure I get at least 7-10 hours of sleep a night, as I am a strong believer in sleep. I love to use the Apple Bedtime feature to track my sleep. Fun fact I can really sleep anywhere which has been convenient when my job entails traveling so much.


Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Lyons

7:15 a.m. Breakfast. I like to start my day with a big glass of water. My all time favorite water is Evamor at Rouse’s or I get it delivered right at my door from Before my husband leaves for work, I make him French Market Coffee. During the weekdays, my typical breakfast consists of bacon, berries, and eggs loaded with Tony Chacheres and Tabasco hot sauce. Some would say I have a hot sauce obsession. Although, my true love is a Stein’s everything bagel toasted with scallion cream cheese and a large Diet Pepsi, which is my go to on the weekends. As they say: calories don’t count on the weekend, right?

7:45 a.m. Cleanup. Every morning I make my bed and water our plants from Perino’s. I am proud to say that I have kept our plants alive for almost a year! I clean the apartment before I do anything else. Once the apartment is cleaned and I have everything in order, my mind is cleared. While cleaning up, I love listening to podcasts like How I Built This, Get Real with Caroline Hobby, This Nashville Life, BobbyCast, or Breaking Thru with Elaina Smith. I also listen to Spotify New Boots and Wild Country playlists to see what’s new and hot.

8:00 a.m. To Do List. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always made to do lists on legal pads. Every morning I figure out what I need to accomplish for that day, week, year, and even years from now. I’ve found I’m more likely to get things done by writing things physically down and crossing them out.

8:30 a.m. Emails and Thank Yous. Most of the emails I send entail booking shows, sending backline, getting press, radio and tv interviews, cowrites, follow up with co-writers/producers, and more. I constantly have a lot of people to thank who make things happen. I try to write a handwritten thank you note with my beautiful Scriptura stationery to every single person who has helped or worked with me.


Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Lyons

9:00 a.m. Music time! Songwriting, singing, rehearsing on my piano, and guitar. I’m releasing new songs soon! Some of the new music I’m releasing I wrote in New Orleans, which is exciting. I found the strength to write music I feel passionate about from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and my heart. I’ve found my voice by writing music that empowers, inspires, and believes. The goal of my upcoming music is to help all to believe in themselves, not to let social media, pressures of the new world we live in, their environment hinder who they are and their true selves to become the best they can be.


Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Lyons

11:30 a.m. Social Media Post. I love social media as I’m able to stay connected with fans who have become friends I meet on the road. It’s so special to be able to communicate one on one with each of them. I’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Twitter (@elyonsmusic), Facebook or my website!

12:00 p.m. Workout. Since I work for myself, I like to take a lunch break where I meet friends or see people at workout classes around town. Some of my favorites are Romney Studios particularly their new MVMT studio (highly recommend Olivia Carisella) and Hour Blast. Or I walk (wearing my Krewe sunglasses) to Orange Theory and Reyn Studios (now Free to Be Power Yoga) where I’ve loved watching the new beautiful condos be built called the Kalorama.

1:00 p.m. Glam. If I have a show or an event I love getting my hair blown out at BLEU or H20 and taking a Langenstein’s turkey sandwich with Blue Plate mayonnaise and Luzianne Tea. I’ll throw on a Sparkle City t-shirt with jeans and some Hola Guava earrings and I’m ready to go.