When Dr. Anne Mitchell, DACM moved to New Orleans in July 2019, she was in pursuit of warmth, soul, community, and joy. She moved from Chicago after finishing Chinese medical school and opened her practice, which specializes in women's health, in November 2019. Pearl Grace offers private acupuncture and Eastern and integrative care for most conditions; she believes that each woman's body has the "intuitive wisdom to heal itself, it just needs to be told a different story."


To see how she conquers her mornings and sets herself up for a successful day, read on for her routine:

My mornings are very important to me and I prefer to start them with ease rather than urgency. My alarm goes off around 7 a.m. and I admittedly “snooze” the alarm until about 7:30 a.m. The first thing I do—and my most favorite part about waking up each day—is to have a solid cuddle session in bed with my twin tabby kittens, Fred and George Weasley Mitchell. This part also always makes it incredibly difficult to get out of bed!

Once I’ve managed to get myself downstairs, I turn on WWOZ radio and I drink a water bottle full of fresh filtered water and let my body adapt to the morning hydration while I take a moment to sit on the couch. My husband, Mitch, then graciously makes both of us coffee using Mojo Coffee beans and our V60. I like to make my own DIY “Bulletproof” coffee and mix in unsalted Kerrygold butter and coconut oil. We sit on the couch with our kittens and talk about what we’re working on and most excited about for the day. 


After I drink my coffee, I’ll go back upstairs to brush my teeth, which has become a very important ritual. Before I dive into brushing with toothpaste, I’ll rinse my mouth out with my very own hand-crafted mouthwash, called Pearl Water, which will be made available to the public later this year. It’s made up of spring water, minerals, and botanical-biotics. I’ll brush my teeth and then finish up with another swig of the rinse to fully alkalize my mouth. 

If I’m not seeing patients in the morning, I’ll go to my favorite workout of all-time: Jazzercise on Tchoupitoulas St. The reasons it’s my favorite is because it’s dance-based cardio, there’s weight lifting, it’s non-competitive, and it’s a sustainable workout across the lifespan. There are women there who have been doing it for 30+ years! If it’s not super cold or rainy, I’ll bike there to get an extra dose of movement and fully enjoy the beautiful Nola residential architecture along the way. 

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Since moving to warm Nola, my morning appetite has been somewhat suppressed (in Chicago all I wanted to do was eat!) and I find myself naturally intermittently-fasting for around 12-14 hours. When I come home after Jazzercise, I’ll typically eat two hard-boiled eggs, toasted Ezekial or sourdough bread with almond butter, and avocado for added protein and fat. Then I’ll always make sure I start my day with my Chinese herbs and supplements. 

I’ll then take a shower and wash, tone, and moisturize my face with my favorite Cosmedix brand products, which can be found both online and at glasskin, the new active skincare studio on Magazine Street. I’ll then moisturize my body Abhyanga-style with prickly pear oil from the Southwest and finish by rolling Kathleen Currie’s signature Smoke Perfume behind my ears and on my wrists to get grounded before seeing my first patient of the day.


Each day can look so different depending on what’s on the agenda, so the time I have for myself in the morning is critical for me in order to stay rooted and clear-headed. By easing into the work day, I feel more connected to myself and better prepared to treat my amazing patients.