Alexis Korman founded Big Easy Bucha, the South's leading kombucha brand, in 2015 with her husband Austin. Before, she was an editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, a writer for USA Today and other publications. She covered all things food, drink, and travel trends. "Clearly launching a kombucha brand is my ‘beverage karma’ for reviewing other people’s drinks all these years!"

Big Easy Bucha uses natural ingredients, contains probiotics, and is naturally low in sugar (a win-win-win). The brand is based in New Orleans and Korman oversees the brand's creative evolution, social media incentives, and manages all marketing. 


Between her many roles at Big Easy Bucha and mothering a two-year-old, Korman knows that starting the day on the right foot is essential. Below, her productive and inspiring morning!

6 a.m. Upon waking, my first and most significant thought is "Thank you Lord for another day!" Then I close my eyes again and try to take a few moments to breathe, raking in the preciousness of a moment in the here and now—the only place to be! Surrounded by my sweet family, I activate appreciation for little things like a warm place to sleep, birds chirping, or the smile of a sleeping child, because these days, my two-year-old, Lyla Day, has been joining me, my husband, and our two rescue dogs, Ted and Banjo, for a snuggle fest rather early. Mindfulness is something I’m actively working on in my day-to-day life, as well as in business, and I’m cultivating this by attending classes at Swan River in Mid-City, or via meditation apps like Buddhify. Some days this approach really resonates with me, but other days I fall back asleep thinking, this is all a bunch of b.s., or, I should be getting up, I have a lot to accomplish today!


7 a.m. By now, everyone is awake and wiggling around. I start to imagine that a cup of coffee will manifest without me having to move. This is when my kind hearted husband will be coerced into bringing me one; I’m obsessed with Stumptown Holler Mountain or Stonehouse. The most important part of my morning ritual is actually carving out a few moments of calm—so I will have prepped almost everything my family needs for any given day the night before. Women of the world, unite!


7:30 a.m. Once the caffeine kicks in, I reach for my phone and check Big Easy Bucha’s social media platforms before my feet even hit the ground. I like to start with the end in mind. Running the creative side of the business, I love to see customer comments, stories, and photos at the beginning of the work day. Plus, spotting our products "in the wild" makes me smile.

8 a.m. I put on a spiritual podcast (a great one is from local Church 54), affirmations, or an uplifting playlist via Spotify while I put on makeup and clothes. What we feed our minds is just as important as what we feed our bodies, so I try to flood mine with what makes me feel creative, energetic, and powerful. That said, I still need to know the latest headlines, so I record our local news personalities for review later. (I can’t live without watching Malik Mingo on Great Day Louisiana, who makes me laugh, or Sula Kim on WDSU for a news recap, and before leaving the house, you better believe I’ve already checked the weather via Margaret Orr’s Twitter and scanned April Dupré’s feed for traffic advice!) My uniform is a t-shirt, jeans or Yoga Democracy pants (made from recycled water bottles), big earrings, and boots. I’ll hit a thrift store over buying new clothes, but from time to time I’ll treat myself to a top that fits the mood of the season from Sweet Baton Rouge, especially if it’s football or Mardi Gras related, or Cocoally, which features art by Ally Burguieres. I drink 4 ounces of kombucha before leaving the house using a Buluh bamboo straw—why mess up your lip gloss? Right now I’m big on our Jammin’ Ginger and Lil’ Easy Ginger Shots: they’re infused with fresh-pressed ginger that gives my immune system a boost, and they seem to make me less hungry since I almost always skip breakfast.


9 a.m. Lyla Day has been dropped off at preschool, and I will have arrived at Big Easy Bucha. When I walk through the door I spend a few moments scanning our kombucha tasting room, our hub for greeting customers who come in to refill glass growlers or buy wholesale for their bars or restaurants, and chat with Miss Betty, who now runs that space. She’s a proud STRIVE Nola graduate—a program we’ve partnered with over the years that helps individuals with barriers to employment find meaningful jobs. Real people are at the heart of making real drinks, and we love to welcome visitors into our space!

10 a.m. I’m at my standing desk, above which is a wall decked out with inspirational messages, post-it-notes, media clips, and renders of new innovations in progress from our design firm, TILT, in Baton Rouge. What can I say? I’m a maximalist! I have a framed copy of The Advocate article Ian McNulty wrote about us, "Recuperation on Tap," and it hangs next to a meme we made of Oprah popping out of a kombucha bottle to remember the time we scored a write-up on Every day I work to "touch" all the areas I’m concentrating on as an entrepreneur: Social Media, Creative/Branding; Demos/Events; Public Relations, Amazon, and Innovation, but I also love looking at what’s trending online and having a laugh with the ladies who share my office.


11 a.m. I start getting hungry. I’ve been following a plant-based diet for 10+ years. People say it’s tough to be vegan in New Orleans, but I don’t find that to be the case! In fact, I keep a running list of veggie-friendly places and dishes to try; there’s nothing I love more than checking out new bars and restaurants in New Orleans. My go-tos are Small Mart (the Gringo veggie bagel sandwich, plus kombucha on draft), Lamara Coffee (Mexican mocha and spring roll bowl), and The Green Fork (prepared salads and green juice or their Healing smoothie). More often than not, I eat at my desk and it’s littered with drinks, including new flavors and products we’re testing. Today I’m drinking Dandy Dragonfruit, a neon pink kombucha infused with dragon fruit and guava that we’re psyched to release this Spring. After I eat I take a "walk and talk" break for some fresh air. I make some phone calls while pacing up and down Euphrosine Street, from Gracious Bakery to Art Egg Studios. It’s a little stretch of heaven we’ve nicknamed The Maker’s Mile, and Big Easy Bucha’s tasting room is smack dab at the center!