When one of my closest friend’s niece, Kelly Batt, started to talk about her upcoming debutante season, I jumped at the chance to go behind the scenes and down my own memory lane. You see, when I was in college, my part time jobs included working for the top party planner and dress designers of the day. Although my duties primarily included addressing invitations, scheduling fittings, and organizing fabrics and trim, the many layers of craft, commerce, and artistry involved in these businesses completely captured my imagination. It was amazing to see a creative party theme come to fruition after months of detailed planning and I have yet to tire of seeing a bolt of fragile fabric become a once in a lifetime gown.

In Kelly, I had a kindred spirit: she loves art, fashion, family, and tradition. I knew that joining her at dress fittings, parties, and day-of the ball preparations would give me a perfect vantage point for seeing how “things are done today.” With great excitement, I can say that this facet of Mardi Gras is as stunning and imaginative as ever. Our city is bursting with talent. My bird’s eye view of one debutante’s season confirms what I already knew: there is truly no place like New Orleans.

Chapter I: The Allure of Couture

Chapter II: With Flying Colors

Chapter III: Winter Spring Summer and Fall

Chapter IV: The Plume Bloom

Chapter V: Birds of a Feather

This article appeared in the Spring 2020 Issue of Adore Magazine.