Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith

Describe what you love about what you do: I love that every job and experience with my clients is different than the last. It's very rewarding to work on the most important place in most people's lives -- where they build families and create important memories.

Why in New Orleans? We are so rich in architectural history that it’s truly a dream to be able to work here.

Favorite restaurant: Patois

Favorite hotel: Hotel Peter and Paul

Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith

Name something about New Orleans that always puts you in a good mood: A walk down Royal Street whether its hot, cold, or raining it's just the best with so much life and energy.

Favorite museum: NOMA

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self? Wear sunscreen.

Favorite simple indulgence: Massage at Windsor Court

Favorite place to listen to music: Bacchanal

Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith

What about New Orleans inspires you? There are characters everywhere and they constantly inspire me to keep bringing fun and new life into each project I work on.

Your style icon: Tom Ford

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Hit snooze

Describe the greatest influence you've had on your life: Legendary designer Gerrie Bremermann has been the biggest influence in my life professionally. She has taught me so much, become a great friend, and made me a better designer. I love her more than words. She is a legend.

Favorite art gallery: Arthur Rogers Gallery

Favorite bar: Bouligny Tavern

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