Russell Doussan

Russell Doussan

Describe what you love about what you do: Music is a time capsule of people’s lives. Adding to their capsule of life is rewarding.

Why in New Orleans? Having the opportunity to leave your mark on a city that birthed you. 

Name something about New Orleans that always put you in a good mood: The “to go” cup - no other place in the world can you ask for this.

Favorite restaurant: Palladar 511

Favorite bar: Tableau

Favorite museum: Louisiana Children’s Museum 

Describe your charitable work or favorite cause: My 8-year-old daughter, Hartley, was born with Down Syndrome and two holes in her heart. My wife and I wanted to help Hartley's surgeon, who made medical missions to South America and Russia, get financing to continue his charitable work. In 2011, Hartley's Heart Foundation was founded with a goal of fixing as many children's heart defects as possible. To date, we have saved 57 children.

Russell Doussan

Russell Doussan

What about New Orleans inspires you? The soul of its people.

Favorite meal and where to get it: Raw oysters from Luke on St. Charles Avenue

Favorite art gallery: Galerie Rue Royale on Royal Street

Television obsession: Billions

Best musical concert ever: Too many to mention, but if I have to: U2, Superdome, September 2017

Your go-to outfit: Lululemon head-to-toe

Favorite simple indulgence: First cup of coffee in the morning

Song that defines your coming of age: Fire on the Mountain

Favorite drink or cocktail: "The Deuce" made from Hendrick gin, St. Germain, club soda, and a splash of grapefruit

This interview has been condensed and edited.