Tania Tetlow

Tania Tetlow

Describe what you love about what you do: I get to lead an institution that transforms lives. Loyola is the reason my own family went from coal mining to university president in two generations.

Why in New Orleans? This is the center of the universe. A visitor once asked me, "why are they having this parade?" I told him, "I don't understand the question. Why wouldn't we have a parade?"

Favorite museum: The National WWII Museum

Describe your charitable work or favorite causes: I have worked hard with NOPD to transform the local criminal justice system response to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Tania Tetlow

Tania Tetlow

Favorite restaurant: Cochon

Describe what you see as our future: We are poised to transform our creativity into the kind of innovation that drives invention and entrepreneurship.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I sing opera, and a as a wonderful distraction, I have quietly started taking voice lessons again from Loyola's famous vocal music faculty.

Favorite destination: Scotland

Tania Tetlow

Tania Tetlow

Favorite snowball stand: Hansen's Sno-Bliz

Favorite thing to do here to relax: Sitting with my neighbors in Alma Peters Park with a glass of wine

Netflix obsession: Every single British detective series

Favorite thing to do here to recharge: Play Legos with my six-year-old

Favorite bar: Henry's

This interview has been condensed and edited.