Robért LeBlanc

Robért LeBlanc

Describe what you love about what you do: I love incorporating hospitality, food and drinks to create joyful communities of people. As everything has moved online, we do not get together with each other nearly enough. Our spots are all based upon people’s getting together more often. It has particular meaning to be able to do so here because New Orleans is the greatest hospitality city in the world. We understand the importance of getting together as communities of people to share laughter and love better than any city in the world.

Favorite walk: Through Tulane and Loyola's campuses

Name something about New Orleans that always puts you in a good mood: A Second Line. It truly is the best way to celebrate and the best way to mourn.

Describe your personal style: Classic, basic, and clean

Favorite cocktail: Cavan Mule

Robért LeBlanc

Robért LeBlanc

Favorite restaurant: Marjie's Grill, La Crepe Nanou, Del Fuego

What advice would you give to your twenty-year-old self? Be concerned with who you want to be, not what you want to be. And embrace your mistakes. They will be the greatest learning experiences that lead you to become who you were meant to be.

Favorite museum: The National WWII Museum

Name a necessary extravagance: An old Jeep that can handle rugged New Orleans streets and beautiful New Orleans days perfectly

What about New Orleans inspires you? The places in New Orleans inspire me. There is not one time that I have ever taken a walk or ridden my bike in New Orleans when I did not see an incredibly designed building for the very first time. The people in New Orleans inspire me, too. Some of the best times to be had in New Orleans are sitting on a bench or a stool next to a great storyteller. We are fortunate to have so many of them here.

Robért LeBlanc

Robért LeBlanc

Favorite bar: Cooter Brown's

Favorite meal and where to get it: Shrimp and oyster po-boy from Guy's

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Drink two large glasses of ice water, then meditate for ten minutes.

Favorite hotel: Bowery Hotel in New York

Best musical concert ever: Dr. Dre's Up in Smoke Tour 

This interview has been condensed and edited.