Martine Chaisson

Martine Chaisson

What advice would you give your twenty year old self? Don’t be afraid to take up space in a room.

Describe what you see as our future: I see the future of New Orleans in my children, Jake (4) and Lorelei (3). Every parade, festival, restaurant, art opening they experience is unique and beautiful. There was never a question about raising my children here.

Favorite restaurant: Paladar511

What would people be surprised to know about you? February 17th is the busiest day of the year in my house. It’s my birthday. Juan and I were married in our NOLA wedding on February 17th. Lorelei was born on February 17th. And occasionally Mardi Gras falls on February 17th....

Martine Chaisson

Martine Chaisson

Favorite simple indulgence: A slice of Key Lime Pie from Pêche

Favorite place to listen to music: Wednesday’s at the Square in Lafayette Square

Describe the greatest influence you’ve had on your life: Hands down, my parents. Joel and Sandra Chaisson have shown such dedication and service to their community. I’m honored to try to meet their expectations and pass them on to my own children.

Favorite movie of all time: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Favorite thing to do here to relax: Windsor Court Spa

Favorite bar: Ace Hotel

Netflix obsession: Haunting of Hill House

Martine Chaisson

Martine Chaisson

Describe your charitable work or favorite causes: Dress for Success because by providing professional attire, development tools, and a network of support, women are empowered to achieve financial independence. Kidsmart engages children in dynamic, creative, and rigorous learning through the arts and NOBA, the premiere ballet organization in our region, reaches deeply into the community with innovative programs dedicated solely to the art of dance.

Favorite museum: Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Favorite thing to do here to recharge/energize: Jon Sloan’s Ride class at Romney

Best book you've read in the past year: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

A necessary extravagance: La Mer face wash

Your style icon: Lauren Santo Domingo and Daphne Guinness

Favorite hotel: #11 Cadogan Gardens, London

Favorite flower: Peony

This interview has been condensed and edited.