Ashley Porter

Ashley Porter

Describe what you love about what you do: I've been designing more and more custom pieces for my clients and it's my favorite part of what I do. I have a five-step design process to nurture collaboration and define what my client finds beautiful. It's gratifying to create a piece for someone that incorporates who they are and know they will cherish and wear for generations to come.  

What about New Orleans inspires you? New Orleans is a magical place. This city is the most inspiring place to be as a designer and artist, as it continually surprises me its complexity. It’s similar to Sedona in that when you arrive you’re in a completely consuming vortex of energy unlike anywhere else.

Name something about New Orleans that can always put you in a good mood: Hearing marching bands in the distance. It’s such a happy sound.  

Describe your charitable work or favorite cause: The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana was our first partnership and a natural fit since saving our wetlands is fundamental to New Orleans geography. I hope that my jewelry will have a lasting impact on the community further than just the aesthetic beauty of each piece.

Ashley Porter

Ashley Porter

Favorite walk: City Park and Bayou St. John at golden hour

What would people be surprised to know about you? Even though I’ve used snakes in multiple collections and on my wedding ring, I’m terrified of them! But I love their symbolism and their fluid nature.

Your style icon: Ires Apfel. She's truly herself and it proves style has no age.

Favorite drink or cocktail: Mezcal passion fruit margarita

Name a necessary extravagance: Diamonds

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self? Persistence matters more than talent. The student with straight As is irrelevant if the student sitting next to her with Bs has more passion. 

Song that can always put you in a great mood: Teenage Wasteland by The Who

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Kiss my husband and meditate

This interview has been condensed and edited.