The Shop at The Collection

While we all know New Orleans is a wonderful place to live and explore, it’s always fun to get some national recognition. Recently, the city was featured in an interactive article by Richard Fausset in The New York Times. The writer, who grew up in New Orleans, considers how visitors might spend 36 hours in New Orleans and curated a list of sights, restaurants, and shops. Up first on the detailed itinerary was a visit to The Historic New Orleans Collection and The Shop at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Fausset encourages guests of the city to get their historical bearings by spending time in the beautiful (and free) museum and viewing its many artifacts and artworks. After perusing the galleries, he suggests a stop at the gift shop. He writes: “The gift shop is one of the best in town: find handmade wooden spoons for stirring a roux ($21), and prints of New Orleans musicians by the local photographer Michael P. Smith (from $35 unframed).”

We couldn’t agree more! The Shop at The Historic New Orleans Collection offers a unique selection of locally-made goods, works from New Orleans artists, and souvenirs for everyone on your list in the heart of the French Quarter. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help and might even offer their own suggestions for 36 hours in New Orleans.

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The Shop at The Historic New Orleans Collection is located at 520 Royal Street