Still looking for a face mask? These five local businesses have gone above and beyond to provide masks for the community to wear while at the grocery store, pharmacy, and on neighborhood walks. Whether you're looking for something plain, sparkly, reusable, or disposable, these options are ideal companions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sparkle City

SC Mask 1

Marvelous Mustache Mask, $20, Sparkle City,

Add some sparkle as you go about essential business with a glittery mask! They are washable, come in fun patterns and prints, and pair perfectly with an informative shirt. For every mask purchase, Sparkle City will donate five medical grade N95 masks to Louisiana healthcare workers.

Kathy Fielder Boutique

KF Mask 1

3 Ply Mask, $8 and up, Kathy Fielder Boutique,

Before the CDC recommended wearing face masks, Kathy Fielder switched her business model to supply masks to the public. These non-woven face masks are perfect for those wanting a disposable and affordable option. The masks expand to cover nose to chin, are available in packs of five, ten, 25, and 50, and ship within 2-3 business days.

Schnell Studio

SS Mask 1

Hungover Nola Face Mask, $20, Schnell Studio,

Upgrade your mask with these Nola-made options. Created by Lauren Schnell of Schnell Studio, the masks are perfect for everyday use. They come in six designs, are reusable, machine washable, and can be worn two ways: alone or with a surgical or disposable mask to act as an additional barrier. Shipping in April is free with code FREETOME.

Home Malone

HM Mask 1

Adult Face Mask, $13 each, Home Malone,

Protect yourself and others with a machine washable mask made of 100% cotton from Home Malone. The masks, made for both adults and children, will be available for local pick up or shipping on April 21. 

Fringe + Co.

FC Mask 1

Rainbow Brite Pizzazz Mask, $28, Fringe+Co.,

If you prefer a bolder and brighter mask, Fringe + Co.'s limited edition masks fit the bill. For every mask bought, one will be donated to a medical professional in need and 20% of the proceeds will go to a service industry fund to help service workers who have been laid off.