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Leo Season is Upon Us: 14 Gifts to Give the Lioness in Your Life

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July 23rd officially marks the beginning of Leo season! This zodiac sign is known for being energetic, supportive, and straightforward, as well as optimistic and kind. Leos are always a treat to have around (except when they're being dramatic) and are often the life of the party. Celebrate the lioness in your life with unique and thoughtful objects that she will adore. Here are 14 to get you started!

leo 1

Fishs Eddy Glass, $10, White's Mercantile,

Cheeky home accessories are always a fun gift. This glass as well as other variations can be found at White's Mercantile.

leo 2

Jewelry Round, $80-135, Leontine Linens,

Who doesn't love a personalized gift? These jewelry rounds will help her travel with her most prized positions in style.

leo 3

Lion Head Ring with Crystal, Gucci,

If your Leo loves to wear lions, then this is the gift for her! We love the silver and green combination in this striking ring.

leo 4

Tierra Zodiac Bandana, $25, Apprvl,

For the Leo that is very into horoscopes (especially her own), this hand dyed and printed bandana will make a great addition to her wardrobe or home (imagine this beauty framed). 

leo 5

Overcome Heeled Mules, $125, Rivers Spencer,

Let her bold personality shine with a glamorous pair of shoes like these from Rivers Spencer.

leo 6

Leo Pencil Set, $8, Lionheart Prints,

Leos tend to have a bit of an ego. Bring her back down to earth with a playful pencil set!

leo 7

Edie Parker Oval Bag, $1,295, Pilot and Powell,

Gift a stunning bag this season. This structured version fits up to an iPhone X and comes complete with an interior mirror for touch ups on the go.

leo 8

Southwest Espresso Set, $75, Sunday Shop,

Someone this energetic must love caffeine, right? This sweet set of 8 espresso cups and saucers is a great birthday treat.

leo 9

GirlDangerous Shirt, $39, Polite Society,

Leos tend to speak their minds. Get her a present that helps do the talking for her like this comfy t-shirt from Polite Society.

leo 10

Cat Eye Sunglasses, $25, The Elizabeth Chronicles,

This sign isn't afraid to stand out. This funky pair of sunglasses will ensure that she never blends in!

leo 11

Spiral Earrings in Navy, $220, Lizzie Fortunato,

Whimsical meets nautical in these original earrings. Your Leo will absolutely adore these!

leo 12

Hello Lion Pillow 18", $76, Aelfie,

Leos gravitate towards vibrant colors and patterns. Help her home embody this style with an adorable lion pillow!

leo 13

D.S. & Durga Perfumes, $175, Saint Claude Social Club,

Made from a vegan formula and stored in a gorgeous bottle, this perfume brand is a special scented gift.

leo 14

Mirah Pink Box, $75, Aelfie,

This handcrafted box will bring a dose of color to any dresser or bathroom. Using the traditional bone inlay technique, this present is sure to stand out from the rest.