12 Food and Drink Ornaments to Add to Your Tree this Year

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While Christmas tress come in all shapes and sizes, our favorite type feature an assortment of ornaments that are both festive and creative. Food ornaments fit the bill: they are cute, somewhat ridiculous, and a great addition to your collection. This year, up your ornament game with foodie-approved decorations. 


Avocado Ornament, $22, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

If you tend to order avocado toast at brunch, this is the ornament for you.

2 WHITES.jpg

Stick of Butter Ornament, $13.99, White's Mercantile, whitesmercantile.com

Bakers will love this ornament!

3 LHP.jpg

Hoppy New Year Ornament, $15, Lionheart Prints, lionheartprints.com

Any beer drinker should add this overflowing mug to their collection.


Cocktail Shrimp Ornament, $18, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

Who said hors d'oeuvres didn't make good ornaments?


Deviled Egg Ornament, $10, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

Dress up your tree with a glittery deviled egg.

6 LHP.jpg

Fries Ornament, $14, Lionheart Prints, lionheartprints.com

These guilt-free trees are sure to enhance your décor.


Loaf of Bread Ornament, $22, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

A classic loaf of bread is a sensible addition to your holiday spread.

8 WHITES.jpg

Six-pack of Beer Ornament, $16.99, White's Mercantile, whitesmercantile.com

Pick up this six-pack...and add it to your tree.


Tomato Ornament, $18, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

A juicy red tomato is sure to stand out among the rest of your ornaments.


Hot Sauce Ornament, $11, Hazelnut, hazelnutneworleans.com

A hot sauce ornament is a necessity in New Orleans.

11 LHP.jpg

Eggplant Emoji Ornament, $10 , Lionheart Prints, lionheartprints.com

Add some humor to your tree with this piece!

12 WHITES.jpg

Crawfish Ornament, $11.99, White's Mercantile, whitesmercantile.com

A sparkly crawfish will play well with your more traditional decorations.