If you love cheese, sweatsuits, and Heather McMahan, you're in luck. The Atlanta-based comedian has teamed up with local loungewear brand MR EATWELL for a cheesy (in the best way) collaboration. Their first Miss Eatwell products will be available for pre-order on Friday, February 12 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

full suit

The ideal WFH outfit features two of McMahan's most popular self-descriptors (the word "thin" can be found near the ankles and the word "thick" can be found at the neck), MR EATWELL's signature phrase "appreciate you", a block of parmesan cheese being grated, and the recipe to success: "love + light = cheese".


McMahan and MR EATWELL founder Matt Rebackoff became online friends during the pandemic. New Orleans-based Rebackoff created a line with Crystal Hot Sauce and was told by many people that McMahan was a big fan of the condiment. He started tagging her in his posts and one night, McMahan mentioned him in her Instagram story. "It was a true 'holy shit' moment," Rebackoff told Adore. "We started DMing, she bought some stuff, and I gained a ton of followers and orders from her posting."


Each time McMahan posted a MR EATWELL product, Rebackoff received dozens of orders. Once, he received 200 orders in two days, a true turning point for taking his side hustle to his fulltime priority. "Without her and this serendipitous thing, I would not being doing this as a job. The only reason I am able to do this for a living is because of her support."


A collaboration between the two seemed to be a natural fit, and McMahan's loyal fanbase is already going crazy over the previews. "We get along really well. Our personalities and senses of humor line up, and we’re both aligned on why we’re doing this."

Miss Eatwell Logo

The sweatshirts (available as a hoodie and crewneck) and sweatpants are unisex. Tops will be available in sizes up to XXXL and bottoms, which run big, up to an XXL. Ahead of Friday's 1:30 p.m. EST launch, the comedian and designer will go live on Instagram for a Q&A 15 minutes earlier (1:15 EST), which is sure to be dually informational and hilarious. 

Miss Eatwell products can be pre-ordered here.