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11 Thoughtful Gifts to Give a Sagittarius

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We've made it to Sagittarius season (where has the year gone?!) and we are ready to celebrate this fire sign. Known for being optimistic, enthusiastic, and adventurous, this zodiac sign is always a treat to be around. Progressive, honest, and intellectual, Sagittariuses make fantastic friends and dinner party guests. Below, 11 thoughtful options found around New Orleans.

Abstract Art Print III $28 Monomin.jpg

Abstract Art Print III, $28, Monomin,

Tune into her creative side with an affordable piece of art. 

El Gold Top $42 Wildflower.jpg

El Gold Top, $42, Wildflower Nola,

With the holidays just around the corner, a sparkly top is sure to come in handy.

Rabbit Run Serving Platter $325 Hazelnut.png

Rabbit Run Serving Platter, $325, Hazelnut,

If your Sagittarius is celebrating a notable birthday this year, a Hunt Slonem serving platter is a great commemorative piece.

Baguette Eternity Necklace $178 Monomin.jpg

Baguette Eternity Necklace, $178, Monomin,

For the fashion forward fire sign, an eternity necklace that pairs well with any type of ensemble will be appreciated.

The humming game $10 judy.png

The Humming Game, $10, Judy at the Rink,

Lean into his or her playful side with a hilarious after-dinner game. Perfect for the holiday season!

Whis Bone Gold Resin $18 Hazelnut.jpg

Wish Bone Gold Resin, $18, Hazelnut,

Give a little luck this year with a golden wish bone.

To Do Desk Pad in Sand.jpg

To Do Desk Pad, $22, Monomin,

If your Sagittarius is a list maker, then give her a chic to-do list.

Marble & Wood Lazy Susan Judy.png

Ganz Marble & Wood Lazy Susan, $160, Judy at the Rink,

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? This Lazy Susan serves as a functional and gorgeous centerpiece.

Chain Link Pouch $35 Wildflower.jpg

Chain Link Pouch, $35, Wildflower Nola,

A new bag (especially one this adorable!) is a wonderful birthday gesture.

Garnet Appetizer Plates Set of 4 $34 Hilltop.jpg

Garnet Appetizer Plates, $34 set of 4, Hilltop Shoppe,

A bright and bold set of appetizer plates will make any Sagittarius's birthday!

Judy at the Rink.jpg

Sagittarius Tin Soap, $10, Judy at the Rink,

And if all they talk about is being a Sagittarius, then this small and sweet present should satisfy.