While closed for the time being, New Orleans Auction Galleries is open online for browsing and bidding. On Friday, May 1, art enthusiasts are sure to find something remarkable during the organization's Modern & Contemporary Art Online Auction. Starting at 11 a.m., over 250 artworks inclu… Read more

It's officially Taurus season! This Earth sign is known for being a great friend, super creative, and very hardworking. They tend to be practical, yet love the finer things in life, so be sure to celebrate your favorite Taurus with beautiful items that she can wear or decorate her abode with… Read more

Looking for new ways to give back to New Orleans during the COVID-19 crisis? Avery Rowan, a local artist, and Commander's Palace are currently holding auctions to support the efforts of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and Feed the Front Line Nola. Whether you're walking away with a new pi… Read more

Looking for new sources of entertainment for your housebound kids? Little Miss Muffin has discounted their vast selection of creative and educational toys and activities. Offering a 25% discount on everything from puzzles to craft sets, the options are plentiful for all ages and interests. B… Read more

While you're quarantining (good job!) for the foreseeable future, you might as well get comfortable. Your home, which for some has turned into an office and a school, should be calming, functional, and the perfect refuge. Grace Kaynor, a designer and the owner of Sotre (3933 Magazine Street)… Read more

Miss shopping on Magazine Street and Metairie Road? While shops and boutiques are closed due to COVID-19, many are offering local delivery, free shipping, and discounts during this difficult time. Whether you're shopping for the present or the future, our New Orleans shops are well-stocked a… Read more

With all of this extra time at home, we're making every effort to make our space a comfortable and multi-functional oasis. Plants and cozy blankets are essential, as are comforting scents containing a variety of notes. Below, 13 candles that are sure to upgrade your social distancing experience. Read more

Welcome to Aries season! This sign, the first in the Zodiac, is known for being confident, direct, and cheerful. They are motivated, strong, and impossible to ignore! While this sign's birthday celebrations are sure to be more subdued than in years past, you can still show this fire sign som… Read more

We’ve found ourselves craving a vacation this Spring and it seems like everyone agrees. Runways were stamped with flora and fauna inspired by lush islands and forests, and home décor trends leaned towards all things tropical. Paradise is certainly found in this season’s exotic and lively style.  Read more

With directions to stay home amid COVID-19, we're making the most of our downtime. After work and school are over for the day, we suggest turning off the screens, ordering in from your favorite New Orleans eatery, and settling in with a new game or puzzle. Looking for some suggestions? We've… Read more

Save the date: New Orleans Auctions Gallery is hosting an online interiors auction! On Friday, March 13, over 600 luxurious home items—with a selection of jewelry—will be auctioned starting at 10 a.m. Curious about the selection? While you can browse the catalog here, we've listed our 17 fav… Read more

Let us be the first to welcome you to Pisces season! This zodiac sign is creative, social, sympathetic, and super romantic! People adore this water sign for its creativity, likability, and big heart. Pisces prefer quality over quantity, so make sure that any gift you give is thoughtful, uniq… Read more

Custom gifts are undeniably the best types. They're thoughtful, require planning, and are certain to be treasured forever. Sofia Ungarino of Paper Gems Co helps capture special dates, events, and occasions with her custom hand-painted bottles that double as works of art. Read more

The traditional Mardi Gras colors were established in 1872 by the Rex organization in honor of their very first parade. We’ve been parading with these colors ever since! From Twelfth Night to Fat Tuesday, celebratory carnival colors unify the city in the most festive of ways. Whether in fash… Read more

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Let’s get one thing straight: the bride isn’t the only one choosing the perfect dress for the big day. Wedding guests have the challenge of finding a look that fits not only the dress code (some of which are nebulous), but the environment. Daytime garden ceremonies, formal black-tie affairs,… Read more

This year’s wedding dress trends truly offer something for every type of bride. From minimalist satin columns with plunging necklines to voluminous ball gowns featuring tiers of ruffles and tulle, modern and classic silhouettes are both dominating the runways. Ultra-chic options include dram… Read more

Smoke Perfume, the New Orleans based artisan perfume brand, is celebrating the opening of its first brick and mortar location. The perfumery will be located inside The Good Shop and is the first and only natural perfume showroom in the city. Read more

While everyone dresses differently for Mardi Gras, one thing remains consistent. Perlis Clothing's bestselling Mardi Gras rugby shirts have been a mainstay since the brand first introduced the product in 1981 and have become synonymous with the holiday itself. Read more

In the spirit of neighborhood camaraderie, these Magazine Street stores have teamed up for a festive Friday evening gathering. Organized by Kathy Fielder and Shake Your Bon Bon, the event is the third monthly installation of the Magazine Street Block Party. Attendees can expect food, live mu… Read more

Hilary Beane, a jewelry designer from Los Angeles, has called New Orleans home for the past two years. Specializing in handcrafted jewelry, the designer is particularly passionate for pearls—Tahitian, South Sea, and specialty Freshwaters—and can create pieces in an array of metals and stones. Read more

It's officially Aquarius season and we can't wait to celebrate this fun, nurturing, and independent sign! This air sign is known for being a great listener, original, and a humanitarian a.k.a. she loves to help others in any way she can. To get the party started, we've listed 12 gifts that a… Read more

Still feeling elated after Monday night's incredible victory? Perlis' Winter Sale and shipping specials might extend the feeling. This weekend, the retailer is offering free shipping on all online orders $50 or more through Monday, January 20. The retailer is also offering 20-50% off select … Read more

Looking for the perfect gift or new wall art for your home? Mignon is hosting the event for you! On Wednesday, February 5, a third generation silhouette artist is setting up for a day of portraits at the shop. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Erik Johnson will hand cut silhouettes by just looking at … Read more

Have you heard the news? Pantone has designated Classic Blue as the color of 2020! Instead of sticking to just one hue, we're adding all variations of the color back into our closets. From bags and sunglasses to tops and dresses, there are plenty of ways to sport the shade. Below, eight piec… Read more

With Kings Day just mere days away, we're ready to get the season started! Upgrade your Mardi Gras wardrobe this year with new picks, both casual and formal, that will save you during the seven-plus weeks of festivities. Below, eight options to add to your arsenal.  Read more

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One of our go-to gifts around this time of the year is a bottle of wine. It's simple, tasty, and always appreciated! Choosing bottles for family and friends shouldn't be too difficult, as you know their preferences, but what about for the rest of your list? Blake Trahan of Martin Wine Cellar… Read more

If January had a buzzword, it would be resolution. While they tend to be broken and forgotten within weeks (you can blame Mardi Gras), one habit we’re hoping to keep up with is organization. Tasks like clearing clutter at home and finally getting a handle on our schedules top the list. While… Read more