Looking for socially distant plans? The 2nd Annual Hancock County Parade of Homes will take place Saturday, July 18 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout Hancock County, Mississippi. The event, which brings the real estate and home development industries together, will feature homes for sale and comply with the National Association of Realtors' health and safety guidelines on open houses.

Last year's inaugural event exceeded expectations with hundreds of attendees and sales from the event grossing over $12 million. The 2020 parade features dozens of homes valued at nearly $15 million. Co-chairs Regan Kane and Janice Guido are expecting an even larger turnout this year. 

"Real estate sales are soaring right now and we have a lot of people looking to relocate or purchase second homes," Kane told Adore. "The quality of life here is first class. It's a welcoming community; everyone is very neighborly and conscientious of each other."

Many of the interested parties hail from New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. "Hancock County is so tied to New Orleans," Guido said. "We love people who have their second homes or decide to retire here and we appreciate that bond with New Orleans. Our history together goes back to the 1600s and there are a lot of connections."


Kane believes there has been an increased interest in Hancock County from New Orleans due to the pandemic. "Summer camps and vacations are cancelled. We're a short drive away and the cost of living is affordable."

Although the market is driven by Southeast Louisiana, it's not just New Orleanians who are looking for homes in Mississippi. There has been great interest from across the country, including the Midwest and West Coast. "We look forward to welcoming people from all over the region and other states who are interested in relocating to Hancock county," Guido said. "We have so much to offer people. I retired to Hancock County and I believe in this county. It’s a great part of Mississippi and it has a bright future."

Interested in seeing Hancock County for yourself? The 2nd Annual Hancock County Parade of Homes is free and open to the public, and safety measures have been put into place. "The top priority of the event’s sponsors and presenters is the health and safety of event attendees." Some precautions they are taking are:

• Providing hand sanitizer at each home and asking attendees to sanitize their hands prior to entering.

• Requesting that those who tour homes wear face masks.

• Some homes may limit the number of people allowed inside at one time. This depends on space and the ease at which people will be able to socially distance.

Can't attend this year's event? A virtual parade can be found here and includes all home listings, photos, an interactive Google map, and more.