When Glenn Foster first entered the world of countertops, it felt a lot like football. The former Saints defensive end started SLAG (an abbreviation for Southern Louisiana Granite) with his wife Pamela after renovating homes damaged by the Baton Rouge floods and seeing the great need for countertops.


Glenn and Pamela Foster

"We were able to create a side business for the demand. Everybody was six months out from being able to supply countertops," he told Adore. "We came in knowing nothing. It was just like football when they give you a playbook and you have to learn everything."

They learned from their subcontractor, observed and absorbed information from others in the industry, and taught themselves. SLAG originally started out as a granite company focusing on residential countertops and has matured into a luxury kitchen and bath remodeling company specializing in granite, quartzite, and marble for both residential and commercial projects.

"As we grew, we were able to teach our employees our qualities and standards of craftsmanship. We're still learning as we continue to evolve in our luxury space and as the architects and designers get more and more creative with their applications."

The Fosters, who met and started dating in college, enjoy the creative aspect of the industry: Glenn likes to take on new projects and take something to the next level, and Pamela enjoys design and helping clients. "I pick out their selections and make it come to life," she said. "I read that it’s like buying a house without having to buy a house."

Working together is another perk of the job. "She’s able to see how much energy and effort I put in, and I get to see that from her," Glenn shared. "We both get to appreciate our accomplishments on completing these projects together, and we get to push each other to be better."

Glenn and Pamela reside in New Orleans with their four daughters—Liana (9), Sofia (6), Malia Ivy (3), and Nadia Sky (7 months)—and love the city’s vibrancy, wholesome family environment, and amazing food and music. "The reason we stayed here is because the fans and people of New Orleans made it feel like home for us."

SLAG’s new showroom on Magazine Street opened this year and features more than just countertops. They are working on a furniture line which will include coffee tables, nice outdoor seating, planters, home décor, and other furnishings.

"We are putting earth back into the home with real materials that do not have the harmful chemicals that a lot of manmade products have," said Pamela.

And while SLAG felt the effects of the pandemic towards the beginning, they hit company highs in the third and fourth quarter and have started the year with remodeling clients from across the state. Glenn and Pamela also hope to expand into new markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Glenn’s hometown of Chicago.

SLAG is located at 2105 Magazine Street.