When Jane Scott and Philip Hodges moved back to New Orleans from her home state of Kentucky, it was both a homecoming and the beginning of a new chapter. With both of their children, Nalty and Talley, grown and off at school, it seemed natural to renest in the city where it all began. The couple met while attending Newcomb and Tulane, and New Orleans is where they started their family; so returning to a place they loved suited them perfectly. After "stalking" real estate for quite some time, as Jane Scott puts it, they kept coming back to a "quirky: as in dark closed-off rooms and a cramped entryway" Greek Revival house in the Garden District. "We had to really think about how we could make it our own," she explains. And so they did. With a careful renovation and an abundance of style, it looks like their next phase is off to a great start.


"Philip and I love to entertain," Jane Scott explains. "We wanted to create happy and welcoming spaces for the kids when they come home and we wanted to enjoy all of the rooms especially during the holidays." For interior design and holiday decorations, Jane Scott adheres to the same creative philosophy that has made Leontine Linens, the company that she founded, one of the most sought after sources for luxury monogrammed linens in the country. "The fun is in the mix! I've never been more confident about mixing patterns, using bold color, and playing with scale." The results are stunning. Each room exudes warmth, elegance, and just the right amount of whimsy. And as a big believer in collecting as you go and using the things you love every day and not just on "special occasions," Jane Scott knows exactly how to get ready for the holidays.


In the entrance hall, she keeps things light and open by draping the mirror and bannister with fresh garland ordered from Pottery Barn. By adding festive ribbon and magnolia leaves, she "makes it more New Orleans." Sentimental touches such as a collection of Rebecca Vizard Fortuny mini-stockings and ornaments that spell the word "joy" (her beloved mother-in-law's name), make the welcoming first look at the house all the more personal. As Jane Scott says, "It's about tucking in those memories and creating new moments with the things we cherish, that creates true style."

When the Hodges bought the house, they restored the front parlor to its former splendor by knocking down walls that had been added along the way. "Opening up the room was transformative," Jane Scott explains. "Light suddenly streamed in from all sides." And the choice of a lacquered wall — Hollandlac Brilliant Chartreuse by Fine Paints of Europe — took a "moment of bravery" Jane Scott laughs. "With the crisp white moldings and otherwise neutral décor, the color doesn't overwhelm: it glows." The strong mix of antiques, modern pieces, and vivid colors in art definitely jazzes up this stately living room. Favorite pieces include the square glass coffee table from Uptowner Antiques, a vibrant turquoise painting by Mallory Page, and an organic white ceramic vase by Julie Silvers. Both fireplaces, original to the house, are decorated with an abundance of greenery, magnolia leaves, and ample ribbon, and the pots of white poinsettia will last all season.


The dining room is where Jane Scott's talent for entertaining at home truly shines. "Setting the table is my favorite way to express a fresh holiday look," she explains. The walls are covered in a romantic amethyst grasscloth and a portrait, Creole Lady, hangs above the mantle. "This treasured heirloom piece was gifted to me by my grandmother. I simply love that she watches over the revelry that often takes place at our dining room table." The formality is relaxed with antique benches in their original upholstery, a hand-blocked Indian tablecloth found while traveling, and an artful mix of linens and china.

For this party, she layered a traditional china pattern with raspberry chargers and Leontine Linens in a bold design and fun color. "Everything does not have to match. Guests are more relaxed when things are mixed and matched." She often buys incomplete sets of china at junk shops and with every hue imaginable in linens and colorful Chaffe McIlhenny glasses, she is prepared to design endless stylish tablescapes. Whimsical gold bird candlesticks, which were a wedding gift, live happily with sterling silver goblets and monogrammed julep cups, a nod to her Kentucky roots. And sticking peppermint sticks in oranges is something she's done since childhood. With this relaxed and spirited attitude for honoring family traditions while creating new ones, it's easy to see how the Hodges are loving life in New Orleans.


This article appeared in the November 2019 Issue of Adore Magazine.