In the hot New Orleans summer, we’re always looking for outdoor decorations that can stand up to the weather. As pretty as they can be, wreaths will rot in the heat, while other decorations often warp. Enter these 9 door hangers. Not only are they weatherproof, but they reflect our Nola prid… Read more

There are many ways to refresh a room. We've recommended switching around your accent pillows and adding a bowl of lemons to a kitchen table for an easy décor change. Another simple method is to bring a new foot rest into the space. Whether it's a pouf, a large ottoman, or a structured stool… Read more

Gone are the days of flimsy lawn chairs and bamboo sofas. Today, as more people want to entertain outdoors, patio furniture is becoming more elevated and durable. This is good news for those of us in New Orleans, as the tropical heat and rain can ruin even the nicest of furniture. All of the… Read more

Cancer season kicked off June 21st and we're ready to celebrate all month long! This sign is known for being emotional, nostalgic, and loves to hang out at home (can't emphasize this enough). From zodiac themed presents to gifts that will make her abode all the more cozy, here are 14 items w… Read more

June 21 marks many milestones: the official start of summer, National Seashell day, and our favorite, National Stripes Day. As one of our most worn patterns, we're celebrating the big day with a proper round up of striped clothes, home items, and more! From lined dog beds and frames to decor… Read more

While opening Ace Hotel New Orleans in 2016, the Ace Atelier team was curious about the space directly across the street. They learned from The Domain Companies--their partner in all things New Orleans--that the historic site, which used to house City Hall Annex, happened to be available.  Read more

A bar cart is simply not complete until it has cocktail napkins at the ready. With so many types to choose from (paper or cloth, embroidered or printed), you really can't go wrong with your selection. Stock up on summery sets that feature American flags, tennis rackets, and all of your favor… Read more

It's official: cleaning out your home has never been easier. Poshmark is no longer just a place to unload your old clothes and accessories: the company announced today that users can buy and sell anything from art to bedding through the launch of Home Market, the in-app home decor marketplac… Read more

Starting an art collection doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be an enjoyable experience and a way to dive deeper into your love of art. Regardless of age or familiarity with the world of galleries and fairs, starting out requires patience, research, and a budget. Martine Chais… Read more

Accent pillows are one of the easiest ways to refresh a room. New colors, textures, and shapes can completely transform the look, as well as the feeling, of a home. Soften a sturdy hallway bench with a fluffy pillow or bring new dimension to the couch with tassels, fringe, and sequins. Our b… Read more

Gemini season has officially begun! This sign of the zodiac, known for their intelligence and wit as much as their wavering moods, is easy to celebrate. As their birthdays start to roll in, give them something meaningful like a journal to jot down their many thoughts or a puzzle to keep mind… Read more

Margot Shaw, the founder and editor of Flower magazine, the nation's only floral lifestyle publication, knows a thing or two about blossoms and botanicals. Since 2007, she has cultivated a loyal following of readers who share her passion for all things floral. Margot's steadfast belief that … Read more

Emily Walker Puckett, owner of Em’s Boutique in Metairie, has an exuberant and high-energy style that is well-curated in both her popular women’s clothing shop and her vibrant Uptown home. As she explains, “my home makes me happy the minute I walk in the front door. I’m always drawn to textu… Read more

Take a bite out of summer’s most delicious trend; fruit prints and patterns are popping up on everything from fashion to home decor to tabletop and accessories. Playful citrus, berry and cherry motifs are a zesty sweet take on nature’s warm-weather bounty. Designers are peachy keen for all t… Read more

No matter how natural it may come, hosting is no simple feat. Between planning and preparation to juggling different personalities and food allergies, a host, especially a Memorial Day weekend host, deserves a medal-- or at the very least, a fabulous hostess gift. Read more

With spring comes the natural desire to feather your nest. It's the perfect time to refresh your decor, update your style and give your home an energy boost. Small changes have a big impact when planned strategically. For an instant makeover, refresh your bed linens and bathroom accessories.… Read more

The runways and home decor worlds are abuzz with high-flying winged creatures. Butterflies, with their bursts of color and delicate details, are uber feminine, fresh, and lighthearted. Whether pattern or silhouette, butterflies are free and our hearts are a flutter. Read more

A well-appointed bar can be one of the most beautiful spots in your home. In addition to housing the hooch, a built-in bar or bar cart is the perfect place to raise a glass to personal style. A martini shaker, good corkscrew, and a variety of alcohol and mixers are basics. Colorful coasters,… Read more

When selecting items for your wedding registry, you'll be advised to be practical. Dishware, cutlery, and pots and pans are all traditional choices that will serve your home and family well over the years. But classic doesn't need to be boring! Skip the boring glasses for goblets in every sh… Read more

A dynamic pattern delivers bold drama to any table setting. Statement china, whether modern and spare or traditional and luxe, epitomizes sophisticated elegance. With hand-painted details, gilded edges, and saturated hues, these striking choices are perfect for the confident bride with a sty… Read more

New Orleanian Quinn Peeper, a renowned and scholarly obstetrician-gynecologist, is the national president of the English-Speaking Union, a non-profit organization that is near and dear to his heart. The ESU, founded in 1918 and headquartered in New York City, uses the English language to fos… Read more

Outdoor entertaining lends itself naturally to a relaxed aesthetic that conjures up memories of unhurried summer evenings with family and friends. In a lush, private Uptown garden, Jeanette and Doug Slakey entertain in just that way. Cocktails while kids swim, laid back family gatherings and… Read more

Fierce felines and their wild counterparts are all the rage in fashion and home decor. For a timeless look, keep it classic and chic by juxtaposing leopard prints with luxe camel or black statement pieces. Ready to punch it up and take a walk on the wild side?  Read more

When Susu and Andrew Stall purchased their Italianate style house in the Garden District twelve years ago, their friends and family thought they were crazy. As Susu explains, "all we had inspected was the structure; we knew everything and I mean everything else had to be updated." But someti… Read more

Beatriz Ball, New Orleans designer and owner of the award-winning pewterware tabletop and home accessories company that bears her name, started her business in 1991 in the outskirts of Mexico City. Her innovative designs, handmade by skilled artisans in an especially lustrous alloy of mixed … Read more

Joy Wilson, baking instructor, food stylist, and author of three cookbooks has talent and personality in spades. Her social media presence reflects her popularity and devoted following attracted by her wit, sharp photography, and creative takes on everything from Sunday morning brunch in the… Read more

Many people have bookcase paralysis. They love their sentimental things, have various spots for books throughout their homes, but are stressed by all the seemingly Pinterest-perfect examples of "proper" arrangements. Relax and enjoy your stuff. Your books and favorite decorative items can co… Read more

Gone are the days of loading up on a single, pricey china, silver and crystal pattern all at once and sticking with tabletop settings that are set in stone. Imagine doing that with your wardrobe: No change of accessories, no mixing and matching, and no jumping on board with a frivolous trend… Read more

It's easy to see why the bar cart trend continues to capture our imagination. Everything about it is cool. Few pieces of furniture are as functional, decorative and sexy all at the same time. Think back to classic mid-century films when cocktails were an art. Marilyn Monroe sipping champagne… Read more

When Meredith and Michael Pinkerton bought their hundred-year-old Uptown home in 2004, they were both working attorneys with a toddler daughter, Hadley. Fast forward a little more than a decade and Meredith is a stay-at-home mother with a teenager and 9-year-old triplets — Will, Mary Avery a… Read more

There's always an occasion to celebrate mom! From Mother's Day to her birthday, show your appreciation with a thoughtful, stylish, or whimsical object.  Read more