Like most businesses in New Orleans, Yvonne LaFleur, the owner of her namesake store, is adapting to the current state of affairs. Between regulations put in place and brides cancelling or postponing their weddings, LaFleur is making the most of the situation. 

For instance, her fragrance business is booming. She told Adore that customers can bring "visions of the store inside their homes." Her range of comfortable clothes should also come in handy during this time. From pajamas and night gowns to cotton sweaters (currently on sale and ideal for those in a constant battle with the AC), customers can experience comfort and luxury at the same time. A full sportswear department is perfect for those using quarantine time to focus on fitness.


Photo courtesy of Yvonne LaFleur

Chances are Yvonne LaFleur has whatever you're looking for. Following the Mardi Gras madness, the 10,000 square foot store (which first opened in 1969) was restocked nicely and ready for Spring events like Easter and the Derby, which call for custom hats. As of last week, the store continued to offer fittings for graduation, prom, and local brides (alterations are still complimentary). While out of town customers won't be able to see LaFleur or her team for the time being, she is hoping to be as available as possible and offers shipping.

"The plan is to be here as people need us," LaFleur explained. 

Yvonne LaFleur is located at 8131 Hampson Street.