Photo: Courtesy of MoveMe

Working out in the summer, particularly in a place like New Orleans, is guaranteed to be a sticky situation. Between the humidity, temperature, and the high UV index, taking your sweat outside requires the proper attire. Cara Bennett, the founder of MoveMe, is here to help alleviate some of the exercise pains with her bright selection of breathable separates.

Inspired by Louisiana's climate, Bennett launched her first line last August. Each MoveMe piece contains spandex and polyester, which she says has come a long way from its 70s disco days. While choosing fabrics to work with, Bennett avoids cotton since it does not dry quickly. Instead, she opts for comfortable, sweat wicking types. "Fabrics are evolving, so I keep an open mind with what is new, but I also sweat test my samples just to make sure they can handle New Orleans."


Photo: Courtesy of MoveMe

Her collection also contains SPF, a relatively new concept that her customers have expressed excitement over. "I am an avid sunscreen user and hat wearer myself, so I love that I am able to find fabric with SPF," says Bennett. 

Color selection is another factor to consider when exercising in the sun as darker hues absorb more heat than lighter options. Bennett's debut offering of shorts, tanks, and leggings contains mostly brights--a direct reflection of New Orleans' vibrant color blocks--and sets MoveMe apart from other brands. Her second line "Hard Core Collection" launches this fall and will feature darker hues, ideal for cooler temperatures and indoor workouts.

While the American-made pieces are meant to handle all things active, many of Bennett's customers shop the buttery soft collection for travel and lounging purposes. The line is also designed to fit most body types and offers cuts that Bennett finds flattering on all women.


Photo: Courtesy of MoveMe

For true gym to street fashion that can survive a New Orleans summer, MoveMe's well-designed collection is ready for anyone, athlete or not.