Adriane Butler, the owner of Lasalle & Jackson, wearing the One-of-a-Kind Cotton Wax Print Wrap Bustier ($100)

Some clothes just speak for themselves. You don’t have to do much to make them pop, because they command attention as soon as you put them on. Lasalle & Jackson’s handmade clothing constructed from wax fabrics and vintage materials do just that. Adriane Butler, the owner of Lasalle & Jackson, makes vibrant and patterned clothing she describes as "subtropical soul." She uses colorful Dutch and West African wax fabrics and vintage textiles to create one-of-a-kind, unisex garments and home décor. "It’s kind of like I’m trying to contextualize my identity in fabrics, garments, and wearable art," she said. "[I want to make] legacy garments — garments that people find special and want to hold onto for a long time."


Lasalle & Jackson One-of-a-Kind Wax Print Wrap Bustier ($100) and Feather Trim Skirt ($180)

After moving back home to New Orleans from California in 2018, Adriane dusted off a sewing machine she was given in the 90s and learned how to use it. She always wanted to be able to make her own clothes. When she was a child, she made outfits for her Barbies out of dryer sheets. Once she was back in her creative and inspiring hometown, it was the perfect opportunity for the oncology nurse to explore her lifelong passion. The following year, she founded the brand and has been expanding her online and pop-up shop ever since.


Lasalle & Jackson Cotton Wax Print 24" Pillow ($75)

Adriane designs comfortable and breathable cotton clothing that is easy to wear with little to no zippers or buttons. She makes dresses, coats, jackets, cropped jackets, bustiers, skirts, pants, pillows, and custom commissioned clothing and home accessories. For vintage fabrics, Adriane looks to online auctions for bright florals, but ultimately selects the fabrics that speak to her the most. These are paired with the intricate wax prints that each tell their own stories. Some have funky illustrations of everyday objects and animals — like popsicles, roosters, and cell phones — and are sourced from Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Holland. "I love these fabrics because they carry a lot of energy," she said as she ran her hand over a table of wax print fabrics. "I hope that the energy that I put into them and the energy that they carry transfers to the wearer and that they can feel and enjoy that."


Lasalle & Jackson One-of-a-Kind Cotton Wax Print Ruffle Halter ($100)

Lasalle & Jackson is named after Adriane’s childhood home on the corner of Lasalle Street and Jackson Avenue. Through her clothing, she wants to pay homage to her mother’s eight sisters, who each had their own individual style and personality. Her brand reflects New Orleans and the people that make it special. Like the Big Easy, her designs are like a melting pot of cultures, colors, and timeless beauty. "This city is my inspiration. It could be the color of a house, somebody I see at a second line, a bird in my backyard, or a hand painted sign on the side of a corner store. I feel like I make garments that belong here."


For Carnival season, Adriane created this colorful sheath dress with feather trim.

Shop for Lasalle & Jackson’s statement pieces online ( and locally at Dime Store Cowgirl Trading Post. Adriane also regularly participates in markets and pop-ups at places like Ace Hotel, Body Shoppe, Arts Market New Orleans, and Little Flea Nola market at Hotel Saint Vincent.


One-of-a-Kind Cotton Wax Print Wrap Bustier ($100)