If you can’t find the perfect lip color and are worried about settling for a less-than-ideal shade or finish, fear not. PalmStone, an extension of HiBrow Beauty Bar in Metairie, offers customers the opportunity to create their own perfect lip color through their LipMix service.

Here’s how it works: First, you decide on the base: matte, gloss, or natural finish. Then you decide on the intensity of the shade and what occasion it will be worn for, and your consultant, or "lip artist," will help you pick a color that, ideally, is different from other colors in your arsenal. After coming to an agreement about what the color should be, the lip artist creates the product for you.

PalmStone offers custom lipstick, lip balms, and lip glosses, and moisturizer and sunscreen can be added to any of the products in the creation. After the initial consulting appointment, it only takes lip artists around 1 hour to create the lipsticks, or 20 minutes for glosses and balms.

"When you have something custom it makes anyone feel special," HiBrow owner and esthetician Lauren Prats told Adore. "Getting the perfect color can help anyone go from using 2-3 products to get what they want into 1 lipstick or gloss."


Lauren Prats

Artists can also recreate discontinued shades of a favorite lip color, if you have some of the color leftover that they can use as a sample. According to Prats, this is one of their more popular LipMix services. Simply drop off the old lip color and the technician will call you when it’s ready.

Prats had the idea for LipMix a few years ago. She wanted to create something special and unique, and after speaking with her manufacturer, they settled on custom lip kits.


LipMix in action

"I was looking for something special that can involve women of all ages," Prats said. "I got with my manufacturer and asked if custom makeup was possible and they offered to put together a lip kit."

Ultimately, LipMix allows people to verbalize and create the lip color that they want, according to Prats. The perfect lipstick helps build confidence and create a perfect look. "I want to bring to life something that is really important to women," she said. "We want to help you create your perfect color because there is nothing that makes me feel more confident than a great pair of jeans and the perfect lipstick!"