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Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray


Sun, chlorine and salt wreak havoc on your hair, not to mention how heat and humidity bring on the frizz. Don’t wig out – look to the experts for advice on summer cuts, styles and care.

Emma Shankle, owner and master stylist at Embodyment Salon and Spa suggests you keep it simple and relaxed. "Long layers are always easy when you use the right Oribe summer products. Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray moisturizes and enhances sheen. And I love their Dry Texturing Spray. Part dry shampoo and part texturizer, it soaks up oils and amps up the volume-an ultimate quick fix product."


Oribe Dry Texturing Spray


Master stylist, Thomas Centanni, at the salon, recommends you welcome the season by wearing tousled, beach blown hair on weekends and chic pony tails for work. "Braids are another on-trend look that can easily transition from day into night."


Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo


As far as shampoo and styling products, Thomas also includes Oribe as his go-to brand. "The Signature Shampoo and Conditioner once a week and Ultra Gentle Shampoo for the rest of the week provides incredible softness and shine."

What about style? Thomas explains that your stylist can help you create day and night looks. "Reserve heat tools

for special summer occasions; your hair is already thirsty from sun exposure and Sculpting Cream is perfect for loose curls, waves and sleek uncomplicated buns."

These products are available at Embodyment Salon and Spa.

Which brings us to the dreaded word -- chlorine. It's best to have a strategy that can take you from Memorial Day through Labor Day without your hair getting brassy and parched. At Paris Parker, master stylist Tatum Neill spells out a three product line of defense. "Chlorine strips your hair of natural protective oils and moisture. It causes your color to fade and leaves tresses thirsty and dry. Sun Care Hair Veil, Sun Care After Sun and Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser – all Aveda Products – will screen your hair from intense rays, restore moisture and remove salt and oily build-up."

Hair_aveda sun care after sun masque.png

Aveda After Sun Hair Masque


And his one final inside tip: "Thoroughly wet your hair with clean water before jumping in a pool or knot it up in a bun with leave in conditioner so it absorbs less chlorine. Protect and hydrate is the name of the game."

The pros suggest you refresh your summer cut mid-season to trim dry, frizzy split ends and lay off the heat tools in Aveda products are available at Paris Parker.

This article appeared in our Spring 2016 issue.