While TikTok is filled with dancing teens, viral recipes (feta pasta, anyone?), and other shareable videos, it also includes educational and informative content. New Orleans dermatologist, Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, FAAD Derm, is one of the platform's hired content creators, and her well-received videos offering skincare advice and other quick tips have been viewed and shared millions and millions of times. 


Turegano was born in New York and spent most of her childhood on the East Coast before moving to her father's hometown of New Orleans for her last few years of high school. She received her medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed a five-year double residency program in internal medicine and dermatology residency at Georgetown University. She worked in private practice in D.C., moved to Los Angeles to pursue a fellowship in dermatopathology at UCLA, and officially moved back to New Orleans in 2016. 

She created her professional Instagram account after landing in New Orleans and started to post more actively in 2017. "I found it to be so much easier to reach the masses. It is very fulfilling to see my patients, but I find myself repeating myself since I only see one patient at a time." The account slowly grew and caught the attention of TikTok. They reached out to Turegano last spring (at the height of the pandemic) to create educational content for the platform, which was the motivation she says she needed to continue to build her online presence. "I received more guidance from them on what they wanted and started producing content, random tips, basic anti-aging skin regimens, etc." 

Her videos contain digestible bits of information on skin conditions, product recommendations, and other topics you've probably been meaning to ask your dermatologist about and are often set to popular music and even dance moves. She also uses her platform to discuss diet, supplements, and other factors that might be causing skin issues.

Memorial Day Weekend marks Turegano's first viral video featuring her mom putting a banana peel on her face. "Most of the [viral videos] have my mom. People enjoy her videos over my evidence based videos. My New Year's Eve video with my mom went viral; E! News posted in on their Instagram and I gained over 30,000 followers from that video alone. It's been so fun."

She currently has almost 700,000 followers on TikTok and over 110,000 on Instagram. Videos are posted on the platforms about three days a week and cover topics that Turegano receives many questions about. She continues to see patients and has hired an assistant to help with her social media, which takes at least 10 hours a week. "I create the content and do a lot of the editing. My weekends are devoted to it, and I put a lot of effort in and you don't know what you're going to get in return."

Turegano is currently working on a few projects including a skincare line and a line of unique apparatus with her mom. She also is trying to start a dance organization in New Orleans, and hopes it will serve as an outlet for women to dance their hearts out for free. 


Mamina Turegano, MD and Patricia Farris, MD of Sanova Dermatology

"As I've practiced more medicine, there is so much more to healing your body and healing inflammation. Prescriptions can only do so much—we need them for sure. My goal is to help my patients and people and give them other ways to heal their bodies."

Turegano can be found Sanova Dermatology in Old Metairie (701 Metairie Rd) on Tuesday through Friday and is accepting new patients.

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