Nail art, like fashion, is a reflection of one’s personality and style. And these days, with so many options for nail art (acrylics, gel, and dip, to name a few), it’s easy to create the look you love. We asked local salon owners to tell us their favorite nail art trends from the summer and what they’re excited about in the fall. Don’t be afraid to try some of these trends next time you’re getting your nails done. 


This summer, neon colors were all the rage, according to Aimée Sedky of Paint’d Nail Studio. Alternating or mixing neon colors was part of this trend, as nail art becomes more elaborate. “Whether the colors mixed and created an ombré effect or just stood alone as single colors that alternated on each finger, there was definitely an ‘all things neon’ moment,” Sedky told Adore.

At Nail Bar Nola, “purple was the color of the summer,” according to owner Jewel Bunch. Most people in New Orleans stuck with a pastel purple, as well as pastel pinks and blues, she said. These pastels were paired with simple seasonal designs and prints, such as a palm tree or flower.

nail 1

Photo courtesy of Nail Bar Nola

These simple designs reflect a national trend towards prints, such as tortoise, tie-dye, and cow print. Again, as nail art becomes more over-the-top, patterns and prints become more frequent.


Camp (this year's Met Gala theme) is not just for clothing, according to Sedky. In the fall, she’s anticipating more over-the-top nails. Pairing deep colors with foils, animal prints, and negative space creates a dramatic look that’s perfect for the fall. Bunch agrees, adding that deep blues, reds, and burnt orange are the colors of the season.

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Continuing with the popularity of pearls this year, pearl nail art (when small pearls are glued to the nails or cuticles) is becoming more popular. These pearls are frequently paired with solid colors or metallics. Coupling prints with solid colors or metallics will become even more trendy as we move into the fall and away from the bright colors of summer.

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Photo courtesy of Paint'd Nail Salon

Bottom line: feel free to indulge and create a unique look next time you visit the nail studio. As nail art becomes more elaborate and dynamic, the possibilities become limitless.