Do the cold temperatures have you down? Warm up and boost your mood in an infrared sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, this type uses an electromagnetic wave (infrared) to heat the body versus the air. Infrared saunas boast many health benefits including pain and soreness relief, an increase i… Read more

The 2021 bridal dress trends reflect the year we've had with ever-changing wedding plans and new twists on the standard traditions. Fashion, impeccable fit, and dresses that reflect great personal style are what it's all about. From minimalist satin columns with plunging necklines to ball go… Read more

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Carnival will look very different this year, but new and exciting traditions are often born from necessity. I have a feeling that "house floats" are here to stay. Our desire to employ artists and musicians, to order king cakes, and shop all things purple, green, and gold speaks volumes about… Read more

Weddings may look different these days but dressing up for the celebrations has only become more special. If you've made the cut to toast the happy couple in person, we recommend flexing your fashion muscles by donning a fabulous new frock and accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry, shoes, … Read more

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Julia Reed's death last year touched readers throughout the country, especially those in New Orleans where she had lived for over 30 years. Neal Auction Company is set to offer the journalist and author's estate within its Important Winter Estates Auction taking place February 5-7. Proceeds … Read more

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Olivia Carisella, a former NCAA Champion gymnast at the University of Alabama, is not only dedicated to health and wellness, but passionate about the workout method she has created and perfected over the years. The New Orleans native offers fun and effective music driven workouts that are ac… Read more

This New Year's Eve, we're only looking ahead— and doing so in style. No matter what your at-home celebrations look like, we recommend stepping into 2021 in full glam. From sparkly statement pieces to wintery accessories, the last night of the year is sure to be dazzling. Read more

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Taking time to pamper yourself has never been more important. Little things like luxurious bath salts, a new yoga pad, or fresh new pajamas go a long way in restoring patience, positivity, and resilience. It's worth it. Nesting and resting is getting us through, so bring on the lotions and p… Read more

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Margo DuBos imagined her latest venture, The Road Trip Collection, while in the car this summer. The idea for a custom and comfortable jean jacket came to her on her way back to New Orleans from her home in Montana and within weeks she had made her first product. Read more

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No matter how you are celebrating the holidays this year, there is sure to be a Zoom call or FaceTime with far-away friends and family. Spread joy in style while wearing a festive blouse or dress on camera. Statement sleeves, bold patterns, and plenty of sparkles will help brighten up the fr… Read more

Congrats! You've made it to the holidays. After a year of mayhem, there is nothing more appealing than spending the next few weeks with loved ones and celebrating time-honored traditions. No matter how you plan to spend your December, get in the holiday spirit with standout pieces that are g… Read more

No matter what your Halloween plans are this year, we hope they are filled with candy, decorations, and over-the-top costumes! Those usually require a heavy face of makeup, which is often a pain to remove at the end of the night. Sonam Sadhwani of Glasskin is aware of the struggle and has pr… Read more

After months of donning athleisure and summery looks, we're craving a wardrobe refresh. Lucky for us, Fall brings more than just enjoyable weather. Warm neutrals and deep, moody hues are back in the spotlight, as are sophisticated knits, plenty of plaid, and a few sparkles thrown in for good… Read more

Mothers of all ages and stages can't miss this pop-up event. BURU, a brand featuring fashionable and functional women's clothing, will be stopping by Judy at the Rink on Saturday, October 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. BURU will be bringing their fall line of clothing, shoes, and accessories (des… Read more

Grab a friend and head to Sosusu this Thursday, October 15 for their Ann Mashburn Trunk Show. The Atlanta-based designer will be in New Orleans to show her collection of custom shirts and guests can receive custom shirting from Ann herself! Sip on champagne and enjoy light bites at the Magaz… Read more

Still brainstorming this year's Halloween costume? Take things up a notch with a locally made spooky crown or headpiece. Ellie Platt of Crowned by Ellie has released her first official Halloween collection featuring seven handcrafted pieces donning everything from spiders to sugar skulls.  Read more

While browsing through the latest New Orleans Auction Galleries event catalog, fashion and jewelry lovers will be pleased to know there are several beautiful pieces available to bid on. From vintage Hermès scarves to colorful rings, this Estates Auction is worth checking out!  Read more

One of the world's most widespread symbols has become a mainstay in fashion and home décor — and for good reason. While often seen as mysterious and alluring, snakes represent rebirth and transformation, as well as opportunity and the source of life. Whether colorful or muted, the reptile an… Read more

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The color blue, long associated with feelings of faith and serenity, creates a sense of calm — something we could all use more of these days. Cobalt, sapphire, and indigo symbolize trust and loyalty, and the colors of the sky and ocean remind us of limitless possibilities. Blue, a confident … Read more

Mark your calendars for New Orleans Auction Galleries' Interiors auction taking place Saturday, August 29. Starting at 10 a.m., over 600 unique pieces of furniture, artwork, jewelry, and more will be available for bidding. Bids can be submitted online or over the phone, and a live online bid… Read more

From sophisticated mini-me looks to classic children's ensembles, kid's fashion runs the gamut. Louisiana-inspired patterns and gender-neutral prints are always popular. And to be sure, there's big splashes of wry humor and fun whimsy this season right alongside the girlish glitter and glow. Read more

Rainbows send a powerful message of hope and optimism. With exuberant hues and a childlike vibe, they brighten the day with the promise of better times ahead. Now more than ever, a dazzling array of joyful arches are shining bright on everything from fashion to home décor to accessories. Upb… Read more

Explore the world of Hunt Slonem right here in New Orleans. From August 14-31, the artist's Hop Up Shop will be at Hazelnut and feature his famous bunnies, birds, and more on fashion accessories and home goods. Think scarves, pillows, coasters, masks, and more! Read more

Matt Rebackoff's introduction to the retail world has been unique to say the least. He launched MR Eatwell, a small apparel and accessories business, earlier this year and his food-themed loungewear was soon a hit with sales coming in from across the country, even in the midst of a pandemic. Read more

Still searching for the perfect mask to wear while out in public? Epiphany Throws, a eco-friendly retail and wholesale supplier for Mardi Gras, has created sparkly and shiny masks from former parade rider costumes. The masks are made in New Orleans with upcycled cotton string. Read more

It's hard not to look ahead to the future. We're dreaming of all of the events, parties, weddings, and more that we will be able to attend post-COVID. Get ahead of the game and prepare your closet for this influx of events with statement jewelry that will shine at a cocktail party or more fo… Read more

Independence Day is coming! On the Fourth of July, stars and stripes are always welcome, as are the many hues of red, white, and blue. Get in the festive spirit with chic separates, dazzling dresses, and beautiful summery homewares. Below, 41 patriotic pieces to consider for the holiday weekend! Read more

Much like a watch or a handbag, it didn't take long for face coverings to go from functional to fashionable. With such an array of choices—from crafty to colorful to simple and neat— it's easy to share a message of solidarity in the greatest of style. Read more

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One thing we mastered during this Spring's quarantine? The art of working and socializing virtually. Conference rooms were quickly replaced with video catch-ups, and friends could share a drink together during well-deserved happy hours. Spruce up your next digital gathering with a new access… Read more

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After a season spent inside, we are embracing the surrounding flora and fauna more than ever before. From jazzing up your home with garden-inspired accessories to entertaining al fresco in a new flowery frock, this Summer already encompasses the very best parts of Spring. Read more

It's officially time to celebrate Cancers! It's easy to toast a sign that is nurturing, sensitive, and extra loving, plus insanely loyal. This water sign loves art, being surrounded by loved ones, and home-based activities. Make this birthday extra special with a gift that truly speaks to hi… Read more

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while celebrations may be limited, his present doesn’t need to be. Ensure a great day with gifts and gestures from businesses and organizations that set New Orleans apart. Read more

As Le Visage Day Spa prepares for a full reopening, it officially resumed all manicures and pedicures during Phase 1 on May 28. While you can't get a facial or a massage quite yet, the spa continues to offer skincare products, gifts, and more as well as contact-less delivery to local custome… Read more