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The World Is Your Oyster: Celebrating All Things Oyster the Adore Way

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We're saying hello to spring by celebrating all things oyster. With our favorite bivalves at peak plumpness, indulgence in this beloved culinary treat is truly part of our salty culture. Oysters on the half shell, just opened or chargrilled on an open flame, are in abundance during the cooler season and "I'll have a dozen" is heard all over town! 

Our love for this earthy yet elegant mollusk is deep and abiding. The shells with their simple, organic shapes and stunning interior colors--purple, silver, cream--are naturals for all sorts of decoration. Like New Orleans, oysters are tenacious and beautiful--utterly deserving of our devotion.

Oy 1

Put 'Em Back Oyster Knife, $38, Toadfish Outfitters,

Any oyster aficionado needs a specialty knife at the ready!

Oy 2

Herend Oyster with Pearl, $700, Friend & Company,

Accessorize your space with a new and elegant trinket.

Oy 3

The Oyster Platter, $500, Alex Beard,

Oyster-loving households wouldn't be complete without an artwork dedicated to the treat.

Oy 4

Allison Evans Oyster Platter, $268, Hazelnut,

Looking for a new party platter? This oyster version from Hazelnut is a smart choice, especially when covered in half shells.

Oy 5

Two's Company Oyster Aprons, $32, Hazelnut,

Skip the boring apron and go for a more artful approach.

Oy 6

Tableau Oyster Bar,

The former lobby between Tableau and Le Petit Theatre is now serving specialty gulf oysters. 

Oy 7

Oyster Champagne Flutes, $19.50 each, Home Malone,

No matter the occasion, a toast in these painted glasses adds a touch of fun!

Oy 8

Oyster Salt and Pepper Cellars, $45, Mignon Faget,

Keep your most used seasonings in a convenient (and cute) spot.

Oy 9

Oyster Platter Half Dozen, $72, Historic New Orleans Collection,

Whether you're sprucing up your bar or dining room, a painted platter is a simple way to show your oyster appreciation.

Oy 10

Oyster Limelight, $8,700, Becky Fos,

Your love of oysters doesn't need to be straightforward. We love this take on the half shell by Becky Fos.

Oy 11

Oyster Towel, $16, Home Malone,

From hostess present to stocking stuffer, an oyster towel is a simple and useful gift.

Oy 12

Oyster Greeting Card, $5, Scriptura,

Show your gratitude or simply say hello with a witty note card.

Oy 13

Oyster Cream Swarovski Pearl Necklace, $400, Mignon Faget,

It's only appropriate that this oyster necklace is adorned with pearls!

Oy 14

Tami Curtis Oysters on the Half Shell, $475, Home Malone,

This colorful Tami Curtis artwork is the perfect addition to any New Orleans kitchen.

Oy 15

Two's Company Oyster Bay Mirror, $438, Two's Company,

Mirrors instantly make the room look larger. Skip the boring style and opt for one lined with shells instead.

Oy 16

Frances Rodriguez Pocket Square, $65, Hazelnut,

Pocket squares don't need to be plain! Make someone's day with this Frances Rodriguez version.

Oy 17

The World is Your Oyster Pajama Set, $88, Katie Kime,

Sleep tight all summer long in a matching set featuring a our favorite culinary pair.

Oy 18

Oyster: A Gastronomic History, $30, Hazelnut,

Learn facts, recipes, and the history of the oyster in this Harry N. Abrams-published book.

Oy 19

Beatriz Ball Ocean Oyster Bowl Large, $151, Jade,

Sleek and simple, this large serving bowl is compatible with your oven and freezer.

Oy 20

Two Girls One Shuck,

A full-amenities, traveling oyster bar with new Orleans Lovely lady shuckers.

Oy 22

How to Fill a Pothole Print, $25, Dirty Coast,

A cheeky print is never a boring gift, especially for a native New Orleanian.

Oy 23

Oyster Heart Pillow, $40, Walking Man Studios,

Switch out your pillows this month for a seasonal set featuring oyster shells arranged in hearts.

Oy 24

Loftin Oysters Ceramic Oyster Shells Cookware, $52.99, Martin Wine Cellar,

Skip the traditional oyster plate and serve oyster in individual ceramic shells instead!

Oy 25

Oyster Socks, $19.99, Bonfolk,

Gift giving is made simple again with this seaworthy pair of socks.

Oy 26

Oyster Enamel Pin, $9, Dirty Coast,

For decor or wear, this pin shows where your loyalty lies.

Oy 27

Oyster Engagement Party Announcement, Scriptura,

Mark your special occasion with an invitation putting the oyster front and center.

This article appeared in our Spring 2019 issue.