Nowhere else on the planet can you find a city more appreciative of a good cocktail. Crescent City connoisseurs of lively libations know a good glass when they see one. When the temperatures rise, however, it makes thirsts go into overdrive.

A trio of New Orleans bartenders have come up with a heady selection of beverages that’s certain to be music to your mouth.


Zachery Vaughn serves his signature cocktail, a St. Charles Breeze at The Columns Hotel. 

Bartender 2016_Columns 3
Bartenders 2016_Columns 2

Bartenders 2016_Galatoires 33_1

Corey Treas makes his go-to Strawberry Lemonade at Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak.

Bartenders 2016_Galatoires 33_2
Bartenders 2016_Galatoires 33_3

Bartender 2016_Pearl Wine_1

Dré Glass mixes her signature cocktail, Off the Clock, at Pearl Wine Co.

Bartenders 2016_Pearl Wine_2
Bartender 2016_Pearl Wine_3

 This article appeared in our Spring 2016 issue.