Krewe of Red Beans

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In just a few short weeks, the Krewe of Red Beans (a 501(c)(3)e organization) has raised $250,000 and helped feed the front line workers during COVID-19. Originally able to only feed one hospital, the Krewe is delivering food to each of the New Orleans-area hospitals every day. 

Devin De Wulf originally started the effort as a way to support his wife and her colleagues at University Medical Center, spending about $600 a day. The Krewe is now spending $20,000 a day to deliver over 1,800 meals for the day and night shifts. The food comes from 32 local restaurants and bakeries, and is delivered by 14 local artists and musicians employed by De Wulf. Some of the businesses include Justine, Galaxie Tacos, Beth Biundo Sweets, and Coquette.

Offering frequent updates on Instagram, the group (made up of 20 volunteers) is hoping to raise more funds as "the next two weeks will be very tough in New Orleans," De Wulf said. Donations are accepted in several dollar increments, starting at $5 a.k.a. the cost of a snack for a hero. 

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