Photo: Courtesy of Riedel

On a mission to perfect your favorite cocktail? Consider looking beyond ingredients to glassware that was created to enhance your drink of choice. Riedel, a company known for its bestselling wine glasses, is here to help with new additions to the brand's Drink Specific Glassware Collection.

Riedel turned to Zane Harris, known for his mixology at "cocktail meccas" in New York and Seattle, to design six cocktail-specific glasses. The set of glassware shapes–Neat, Rocks, Highball, Nick & Nora, Sour and Fizz–are now available in pairs for $29.90.

"The goal with this glassware was to be as thoughtful as possible," Harris told Adore. "This is the first glassware collection designed with the drink, ice, mixologist and imbiber as the driving force behind the designs. I wanted the shape and capacity to convey the best experience to those enjoying it, as well as those going through the process of crafting the drink."


Zane Harris with the Highball Glass

Harris employed beverage industry experts and colleagues to perfect each glass. "I would haul prototypes around NYC to as many of my friends’ bars as possible and let them take them for a test run. I would take the notes on the preferences from the process and report back to Riedel."

The entire process took about a year. The six shapes that emerged as winners are based on the concept that almost every drink can be traced back to the six styles, Harris says. For example, Mojitos and Moscow mules should be served in the Highball while Martinis should occupy the Nick & Nora. While some look familiar, Harris assures that each glass holds a different capacity which can drastically change the contents of the cocktail if in the wrong glass.

"For example, the Highball and Fizz glass look very similar, but the Fizz glass is 9 oz and the Highball is 11 oz," Harris explains. "If I had to make a Fizz in a highball glass, I would be forced to add 2 oz more soda water which in turn would lead to a watered down, unbalanced drink...Enjoying anything we consume, whether it’s food or drink, has as much to do with its presentation as it does taste."

These glasses not only look great, but were designed to hold up to rigors of high-volume bars and restaurants, meaning you'll be able to make your Martini or Gin and Tonic for years to come. With each set of glasses, Riedel includes recipes specific to that model. Harris shared some of his favorites with Adore, which can be found below. Cheers!