Whether you're participating in dry January (a.k.a no alcohol this month) or simply looking for a new libation to try, Big Easy Bucha is here to help. The New Orleans family owned and operated kombucha brand is completely natural and raw (no pasteurization) and focuses on sourcing unique fruits and florals beloved in the region.

Co-founder Alexis Korman knew that her effervescent product would make a good mixer: "My husband and co-founder Austin Sherman was formerly a craft bartender, and I worked as an editor at a wine magazine, so half the fun of creating our beverage brand was dreaming up boozy drinks at home that would complement our kombucha!"

Big Easy Bucha uses ingredients such as peaches, jasmine blossoms, and honeysuckle, contains probiotics (healthy healthy gut!), and is naturally low in sugar containing an average of 8 grams of sugar per each 16 ounce bottle. "It makes an excellent, flavor-rich alternative to sugary sodas or other common mixers." It can be found in several New Orleans eateries and groceries, as well as in their tasting room, which is located at 4040 Euphrosine Street. (It's even on Amazon!).

Intrigued? Below, five cocktail and mocktail recipes to test out this season that employ kombucha as a mixer.