Absolut Elyx gives "garden party" a whole new meaning with this year's Tales of the Cocktail pop-up. For their 8th year at Tales of the Cocktail, the brand has produced a magical event at Audubon Cottages, running until Saturday July 20th.

The Garden of Elyx is a boozy retreat complete with a pool, beauty salon, craft room, and a photobooth that will launch hundreds of Instagram posts. Miranda Dickson, Elyx's global brand director, said that their goal is to always be very different from other Tales of the Cocktail events. 

Part of that differentiation is the time of day. Dickson told Adore that she prefers a day event so guests can explore the party and the different pockets her team has created. Among the garden are neon signs, suggestive pool floats, and plenty of fans, a necessity in the July heat. Drinks are served in the famous copper cups (thought up and designed by Dickson) that resemble everything from a garden gnome to a horse. The brand's new bottle which features copper details and employs recycled glass for over 40% of the vessel was on full display as well.

"It's not just a happy accident that we just kind of quite like copper," Dickson explained. "The way in which we use copper in the making of Absolut Elyx makes the most difference. The entire product is made through a handmade, vintage copper still from 1921."

She also noted that copper plays a part in the vodka's distinct taste and flavor, which is brought to life through the celebratory drinking vessels. Another difference between Absolut and other luxury vodkas is the ABV; most contain 40% while Scandinavian-made Elyx checks in at 42.3%. "We specifically chose that ABV and one of the key deciding factors is the way it tastes in a martini," she said. "It was extremely important to create a vodka that also is very balanced, has a great mouthfeel, and is the perfect starting point for a cocktail like the martini."

At the garden, numerous types of vodka cocktails are available (we counted 13, plus daiquiri and martini stations) including brunch cocktails, spritz variations, and herby types, all with an overarching flower theme. "We're starting to see different florals in drink menus and it was about how far could we take the florals."

While this weekend's event is by invitation only, anyone can get in the coppery fun through Absolut Elyx's online boutique. From the signature pineapple cup to a set of coupe glasses, the drinkware is a welcome addition to all bar carts.