After Longway Tavern closed earlier this year, 719 Toulouse Street is back in action with Robért LeBlanc's newest concept, The Will and the The Way. The wine and cocktail bar officially opened in mid-October and offers a comfortable spot to hang out with family and friends in the French Quarter. The bar features unique drinks as well as classics alongside a menu catering to impromptu dining. From small plates and bar snacks to a hearty and shareable strip steak, there is truly something for every patron to enjoy. Below, LeBlanc runs Adore through his thoughts on the new venture and some of his favorite menu items.


How does it feel to be operating again in this location?

It feels incredible to be operating again in this location. We have always loved this pocket of the French Quarter because it truly feels like a locals neighborhood here in the Quarter. We also love all of our neighbors. With Molly’s, Peychaud’s, Toulouse Theatre (formerly One Eyed Jack’s), Preservation Hall, and Sylvain all being within a block of us at The Will and The Way really reinforces that idea that we are a spot for locals in the Quarter.


What are some of the biggest differences between The Will and The Way and Longway Tavern?

The biggest difference is that The Will and The Way is a far more comfortable place to comfortably hang out. The Will and The Way feels like a lobby in the French Quarter. Longway felt like a restaurant in the French Quarter. While we loved Longway, it wasn’t always a comfortable place to hang out.


What do you think The Will and The Way brings to the French Quarter?

I think we bring a casual, unplanned approach to eating and drinking in the French Quarter. So many of the places to get great food or drinks in the Quarter rely on making plans or reservations to go there. With the Will and The Way, it is really easy to pop in unannounced for drinks or great food, even for large groups.


Favorite cocktail? Favorite dish?

Favorite Cocktail: Sherry is Caring. It’s just a great lighter option to have in our courtyard.

Favorite Dish: Louisiana Hot Chicken. It’s a Cajun twist on Nashville hot chicken. It is also Gluten Free, so my wife and son who both have Celiac Disease, also love that one.


The Will and The Way is located at 719 Toulouse Street