From bouquets and boutonnieres to arches and arbors, wedding flowers have a presence powerful enough to rival that of the most distinguished guests. And just like any strong personality, flowers can set a mood. Here are three unique styles to consider for your big day.


As weddings have become more relaxed—veering away from receiving lines and seating charts, for example—flowers have followed suit. "I think it seems people have started looking for a bit more natural style," said Margaret, owner of Leaf+Petal. "Our look at L+P helps accentuate that." Influenced by English gardens, Margaret’s arrangements strike the perfect balance between rustic and refined. "There is a fine line between 'slightly wild' and 'very messy,' so I'd like to think we stay on the correct side of that line," she said.

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For 22 years, customers have relied on Dunn & Sonnier for classic, European-style arrangements without a lot of greenery. "My clients are travelers, and they love the big, beautiful looks they see around the world," Sonnier said. "They know their flowers." Sonnier's structured designs reflect his time in France, where he researched floral styles and French design. There, he also adopted a new way of thinking about flowers. "In Europe, people go to the market to buy bread, and they also pick up flowers. I think Americans should do the same."

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Asymmetrical, lush, and organic in their design, Sara Perez-Ekanger's floral arrangements appear to be dancing. "I call it controlled chaos," said the San Francisco native, who launched Antigua Floral two years ago. Café au lait dahlias and romantic antique roses often star in Perez-Ekanger's sophisticated yet feminine bouquets, but she admits that her favorite flower changes "every week."

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This story appeared in the 2018 Bridal Issue of Adore.