Photo by Greer Gattuso

As much as nuptials have changed through the years, sending a thank you note is still (and will always be) in style. While there are differing opinions on the best time to send a thank you--some sources say 2 to 3 weeks while others allow 2 to 3 months--Sallie Jones of Scriptura says promptness will diminish the chore.

"Ideally, you are writing your notes as you receive gifts so that it does not feel like one mountainous task that you want to avoid," she tells Adore. 

Jones advises the same strategy for post-wedding gifts and the reason is simple: "Friends and family want to be sure you received their special remembrance and it it easier to write the note when you can more specifically detail your excitement because it is fresh in your mind."

You heard the expert! Gather your personalized stationery, purchase plenty of stamps, and remember, notes can be concise. For a refresher, check out Jones's thank you note etiquette guide.