Let’s get one thing straight: the bride isn’t the only one choosing the perfect dress for the big day. Wedding guests have the challenge of finding a look that fits not only the dress code (some of which are nebulous), but the environment. Daytime garden ceremonies, formal black-tie affairs,… Read more

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St. Mary’s Church at the Old Ursuline Convent in the French Quarter was the very first venue that Olivia Millet and Zachary Loupe considered when planning their wedding. "My mom went to Ursuline and I’d heard of the convent, but had never seen it," Olivia explains. "The minute we walked into… Read more

Chris Ralph and Alex Breaux always knew they would get married in New Orleans. The couple first met at Tulane University in 2012. Chris, from Michigan, was a freshman and Alex, from New Iberia, was a senior. After five years of dating, the two became engaged in April 2017 and began to plan t… Read more

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