Distinguishing one day from another has become a more frequent and difficult puzzle to solve, but adding in something to look forward to during this quarantine might be the trick. Whether you're at home with your significant other, your family, or your roommate, declaring a night dedicated to something other than your TV will offer the variety we are all craving. Ahead, two types of nights we will be having during this period of social distancing.

Game Night

From solving puzzles and playing board games to getting in touch with your crafty side, a game night is a welcome change from your typical Netflix-filled evenings. Below, two games to add to your game night rotation.

Noma Jenga

NOMA Jenga Set, $10, New Orleans Museum of Art, noma.org

This mini-version of the popular block game is perfect for a quick match between both children and adults. Jenga can serve as the perfect warm-up to an evening filled with games!

Wiki Game

The Wiki Game can be played with a few people or several (everyone needs their own computer). The objective: "Players (one or more) start on the same randomly selected article, and must navigate to another pre-selected target article, solely by clicking links within each article. The goal is to arrive at the target article in the fewest clicks (articles), or the least time." More in depth rules can be found here.

New Recipe Night

While some are taking quarantine in stride—whipping up tasty dishes left and right from a stack of cookbooks—others need a little more coddling when it comes to the kitchen. Make a point of trying something new during your next date night. Whether its a mocktail, cocktail, or savory dish, a change in menu is sure to be welcomed. Below, some of our favorite recipes from our archives.