MR Eatwell, a local loungewear and accessories brand, has launched a line dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The creative logo, inspired by a Baby Ruth candy bar, pays homage to the late Supreme Court justice, while also encouraging wearers to vote this November.





Founder Matt Rebackoff received a message from a repeat customer the evening of Ginsburg's passing requesting a RBG design. "The next morning it dawned on me that there was a pretty well-known candy bar with the name Ruth on it, and it went pretty quickly from there," Rebackoff told Adore. "Based on her life and what she stood for, it seemed like there would be no better way to honor her than to vote, hence the logo above. And then the iconic collar illustration on the black background both mimicked her robe and I think maintained the solemn tone that an event like this calls for."

The first mockup took Rebackoff three hours from concept to completion, then 10-12 hours finalizing the design and creating clothing mockups. The final step was adding "I dessent" (in the original font) from the Supreme Court's decision on the 2000 Bush v. Gore case to the back of each item. 


"At the end of the day, this is a memorial tribute to one of the most incredible and impactful people in American history and I didn’t want to make light of that." 

Items are currently on pre-order and discounted 10%. While the initial pre-order run is small and some ideas have already sold out, Rebackoff plans to do a second larger run if demand continues. 

With each purchase, 10% of profits are donated to a cause of the customer's choice. A portion of the RBG collection will be donated to the Biden Harris 2020 or Association for Women's Rights in Development (customers can choose at checkout).

"The world lost a colossal superhero on September 18, and I felt like this was a tiny little thing I could do in her honor while still doing some good with the proceeds."