For flower lovers, foodies, and off-the-beaten-path travelers, Florists To The Field, written by Christian Owens, is the book of the season. Preeminent floral designers Greg Campbell and Erick New, known for their nature-chic boutique, Garden District, in Memphis, visited their favorite specialty growers across the country spotlighting the passion and boundless energy of the floriculture industry.

The concept was ambitious – hit the fields in each location, pluck materials straight from the garden, and create spectacular events in situ that would capture the personality and majesty of each landscape. The book is a feast for the senses with stunning photography of luxurious blossoms, colorful palettes, and decorative inspiration on every page.


For over twenty-five years, Greg and Erick have provided choice blooms, flawless bouquets, and masterful centerpieces for milestones and special occasions of all kinds. Known for their unparalleled artistry and imaginative installations, their devotion to seasonal color, fresh florals, and lush textures has forged great relationships with the farmers and plant breeders that supply their precious inventory. Throughout the book, readers share the journey firsthand with inside peeks into the process of gathering available greenery and blooms at each farm and translating the bounty into original and distinctive celebrations. Menu ideas, tablescapes, and local culture are included in the joyful stories about each grower and farm event.

Covey Rise Farms in Husser, which is right outside of Hammond, is beautifully featured in the final chapter of the book. Known for their specialty vegetables that top chefs in the area design menus around and their world-class hunting lodge, the focus on the flora and fauna brings new insight into the busy, not-so-little farm. At the Covey Rise farm to table dinner, the designers used orange and yellow marigolds, naturally striped gourds, duck decoys, and early autumn branches to create ample arrangements inspired by the lodge setting.

At The Farmstead on Woodson Ridge, a working farm with guest cottages on the edge of Oxford, Mississippi, Greg and Erick enjoyed fragrant herb gardens, fields of green and red heirloom tomatoes, and vibrant zinnias bursting with color as their jumping off point for fabulous decorated chandeliers and bountiful tablescapes. From Wilson Gardens in Arkansas to Kenyon Growers in Oregon to CamFlor in California, flowers are in full bloom, inspiration abounds, and you’ll want to grab your garden shears or visit farms this spring. In the meantime, grab a good glass of wine and enjoy this wonderful book chock full of ideas perfect for the season.

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This article appeared in our Spring 2018 Issue.