Saucony, a sustainable running shoe brand, recently partnered with Children’s Hospital New Orleans to take a step in the right direction for children’s health. The company has launched a nationwide program entitled Run For Good where children who have gone through long hospital stays can unleash their creativity by designing their own pair of running shoes. Since the latest generation of children are some of the least active, this program aims to combat childhood obesity and promote energetic lifestyles for young children.

KK Roots.jpg

Children's Hospital staff members nominated patients that have been through tough battles but remained resilient. One patient is KK Roots, a motor-vehicle crash survivor who spent three months in the hospital before miraculously bouncing back — and never losing his optimistic spirit.

Roots' footwear design is personal to him. The scarlet red is his favorite color, and the plaid pattern and baby blue hue are inspired by a local bean company that his mom uses to make his favorite baked bean dish. Throughout the creative process, Roots remained patient and is grateful to have been chosen for this opportunity. “I am extremely blessed…I am completely thankful, and I am happy to see everyone in my shoe.”  

KK shoes.jpg

KK Roots and four other hospital patients have seen their designs come to life, and they are now available for purchase! 20% of each purchase from this collection will be donated to Children’s Hospital New Orleans with a minimum total donation of $20,000 from Saucony.

Click here to view KK Roots’ design and purchase your own pair of shoes.