While talking about money has become more normalized, it is still often seen as tacky or taboo. Enter The Wealth Edit, a virtual member-based community designed for women looking to discuss and expand their knowledge of personal finance and wealth. On Thursday, November 19, The Wealth Edit is opening membership exclusively to the women of New Orleans and kicking off with a day of Zoom sessions featuring female leaders in the area.


The Wealth Edit was founded by Birmingham-based financial experts Lauren Pearson and Emily Lassiter in March 2020, just days before the country went into quarantine. The online community is a space for women of all ages (members range from mid-20s to 65 years old) to gather, learn, and plan their financial journey. Women will have the opportunity to connect with both like-minded peers and industry experts to discuss financial questions, experiences, struggles, and successes.

"The idea for The Wealth Edit really developed from both of us seeing a significant need for change in the way the financial industry is serving women, based on our 14 years of financial and legal experience," Pearson told Adore. "Data shows that 47% of women don’t feel comfortable working with a financial advisor, and 87% of women are looking for an advisor but can't find one they connect with well. Even the women who are brave enough to come into our office often feel self-conscious about the questions they have. This reflects how the industry was setup for men by men. There is nothing wrong with this, half of our clients are men, but what it does point to is that women are largely underserved. We created The Wealth Edit to fill this space."

Membership includes virtual courses, weekly guest speakers, and educational content, and members are placed in small groups based on interests and schedules to meet over Zoom and eventually in person. "Because it is membership based and semi-private, there is a level of both commitment and anonymity that helps spark authentic conversations."

The Wealth Edit members will also receive a customized financial personality trajectory called "glidepaths". The Wealth Edit identified six different glidepaths that a woman might follow throughout her lifetime, no matter if she is an entrepreneur, a high earner, or a stay-at-home mom. 

When the website launched, Pearson and Lassiter were surprised to see that many of the founding members of The Wealth Edit were women from New Orleans who "just got" their mission and helped the founders promote. "Because of this, our natural network has grown in the area. We want to honor this commitment by launching in New Orleans!"

Thursday's launch includes Zoom sessions with Kelsey Greenfield of Body Shoppe, Bridge Gallant of Galante Collection, and Alexa Pulitzer of her eponymous line. Interested prospective members will be able to tune in throughout the day's programming to learn more and will be able to sign up for membership online. Membership in New Orleans is $34 per month or $375 per year. 

More information on The Wealth Edit in New Orleans can be found online.